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  1. ChrisGillGraphics

    Expand Stroke Rounded Point Issue

    I was working on a logo recently and noticed this: When a stroke with a Pressure Profile which also has rounded endpoints is Expanded, the nice smooth endpoint is only converted to a polygon. This happens no matter the scale, color, stroke profile etc. I know there has been a lot of discussion about the Expand Stroke function of Designer but did not see this particular issue addressed. This is a very critical function that Designer must get right if I'm to kick Adobe to the curb once and for all.
  2. ChrisGillGraphics


    +1 for Bleed Preview. All of the designers at my company LOVE Affinity Designer, but bleed preview is pretty crucial for us. As soon as that feature gets ironed out and Publisher becomes available, we'll finally be able to break up with Adobe and kick her out of our studio!
  3. ChrisGillGraphics

    Standard web guides

    I would also LOVE to see this! As a web designer and developer I often need to create a new document and quickly add columns and rows.