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  1. My solution is opening my PDF file into Acrobat Pro and use Output Preview. But I still need Adobe Acrobat. It's the best way to validate Overprints, true 100% Black (and not CMYK composition)
  2. I did something similar, opened my file in Illustrator CS5, then doing all the "select similar" I needed to find RGB strokes, changed them to PMS, save then reopen in AF. When I do MAP stuff or work from a CAD software the feature "Find Similar" is a MUST. There is so many element to clean. Also, when I change my mind about et Pantone, "find similar" is nice to recolour and make sure the is no "wrong colour" left out.
  3. PLEASE! 😭 I need a select similar function. I still can't move all my jobs to Affinity Designer because of this basic lacking feature.
  4. A select similar is a must for me. Need a select tool to select similar items according to : color fill, color stroke, stroke width. When working on large imported file it's a must. Also when I need to recolor an artwork from a Pantone color to another. The Select similar function is basic from Illustrator since...
  5. If you want the Pantone to follow into PDF you have to USE PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE because they are spot. PANTONE COLOR BRIDGE are not spot. I wish I could export EPS with Pantone like a professional!
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