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  1. Read somewhere that one million user are using some Affinity software on iOS, Windows and MacOS...
  2. ErrkaPetti

    Affinity Photo/Designer Crash on Document Open

    @Ben S. Ha! I updated my iPad Pro to iOS 12.11 beta 3 and that FIXED the issue with the crashing Designer/Photo!
  3. ErrkaPetti

    Affinity Photo/Designer Crash on Document Open

    Holy moses! I’ve got the same problem on my iPad Pro 12.9” (2017 generation)! Anyone out there with the same problem as we?? Can’t use Affinity Designer/Photo anymore... This weekends most depressed thing :-( Serif, any info on this?
  4. Great workaround! I tested different variations last night without any good results... But you did!
  5. Ha!! thank’s guy! Now I know!! @toltec @DM1
  6. I’ve just have the same problem on finding saved presets in both Mac and Windows versions of Affinity Photo, so, thank’s! BUT, how do you reload presets (adjustment layers) onto iPad version of Affinity Designer/Photo??
  7. @toltec - your idea to me to use an adjustment layer to control the printed color works great, BUT, I can’t reload saved preset, on both Mac or iPad (and also on Affinity Photo/Designer in Windows)...? Where do you load presets in adjustment layer?
  8. Thank's guys for the tips on this! @toltec last sentence was an bright idea! I'll try to make an adjustment layer to begin with... But, I understand that is almost impossible to match color between my iMac/Surface Pro 4/iPad Pro 12.9" gen2 and the HP inkjet printer I have without better hardware tools, but, in my case I think it's differ to much between the screens of my different hardware and the printer... I'll be back later with some new how it's going...
  9. Hello there! I’ve got an HP inkjet printer (pretty good) that has rest for a whole year, but, last week I bought some new ink for using to print out different thing from Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer (on my 2d gen iPad Pro 12.9”)... But, the colors don’t match between screen and paper (HP Glossy 300gram high quality paper)...? The printed objects always get a lot darker then the screen represents... Even tested this on my iMac 27” 5K and MS Surface Pro 4 with the same result (have Photo and Designer to all three operative system;-) Is there something to take in consideration before printing? Color system? Some conversion? First pictures is an iPhone pic of the print, and the second pic is an export from Photo to .jpg...
  10. Pretty strange question...? What do you really mean? The Bokeh-effect?
  11. ErrkaPetti

    Export options for iPad pro

    Please, tell more: iOS version, Affinity Photo or Designer? For me on both (iPad Pro, iOS 12.1) I can export/save to camera roll and export to Files as an example... Take a screenshot of the place that is missing point...
  12. ErrkaPetti

    Cut lines for sign making

    I think you’re out of luck... Search forum for earlier threads about cutting print documents...
  13. ErrkaPetti

    Split Screen

    Ahhh! Missed that last sentence... Sorry... I wish we could have split view somewhere in the future BOTH in horizontal and in portrait mode.... As it is now split view sucks... On my big iPad Pro it would be nice to have two apps in landscape and holding the iPad in portrait mode...