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  1. Yeah, that right.. I think @Nyanko have understand that too now... The way Affinity Photo and Designer overlap each other is nice... Especially Designers pixelsection is awesome!
  2. OK... I misunderstood the question... ‘There’s not possible to do this just now in AD for iPad as I can see it... But, asking for a function in Photoshop to be into Affinity Designer, that’s the problem... In Affinty Photo you can make as you wish... I make some of the work in Photo and then drop it into Designer for continued work...
  3. @Nyanko To use a vector shape to crop above a pixel object, check this small video how to... 27356292-8819-4299-88FC-692DAAD90D76.MP4
  4. ErrkaPetti

    Blending Images?

    Try masking each pictures. Draw a mask from left to right, solid to 50% transparent...
  5. ErrkaPetti

    Snap to grid not working

    I don't wanna be rude, but, this kind of thread with users messing up on the app should be deleted (not the user, the thread)... We don't wanna drown in threads here on this eminent forum with threads about nothing...
  6. I'm with you, there should be an option in the settings for personally setting the UI color scheme (both Photo and Designer for iPad)...
  7. Best would be: Two finger tap, Undo, Three finger tap, Redo, AND, Two finger LONG-press would open up todays menu when you twofingertapping...
  8. Just did an test with Adobe Capture CC on my iPad Pro... First of all I must say that I’ve forgotten that app from Adobe! Nice shit!! but, there’s a but, you can’t have your traced image in color, just black/white (no greyscales)... Pity... And, you can’t editing the result in Affinity Designer afterwards, even if you try to convert to curves... The object is encapsulated... All in all the app was a positive experience...
  9. ErrkaPetti

    Arrows for moving

    But, we have had nudge in so many other app and Mac/Win-programs for a long time, so, I could see a need for that kind of toolset for iPad... But, also, there are several other features that we need before nudge
  10. If I understand the question right you wants to decrease the object to be 86.062% of the original size? Then you just remove "1” and just multiply Y value with 0.8602, just like this (if original value of object is 456 as an example). Y = 456x0.8602 If you wants to increase the object, then is should be: Y = 456x1.8602 OK?
  11. Hoho hold your horses! You have made an PDF from the orginal documentation - splendid!!! Serif, we want it now!!! Can pay some cash also if it is OK...
  12. Hello there, but this is a iOS thread, not a thread talking about Android is better blablabla... We are not interested in Android, that why we have iPads that we are more than happy with... And, one more thing, speed in an application is not only depending on RAM... iOS is way superior to Android when it concern memory usage and optimization... And, Apples A9-A11 CPU:s are much much more powerful then yours in Amazon Fire...
  13. @MotionHouse and all other guys at this thread: Have you gone to school at all? Everybody must know that 100% is the same as 1, 25% the same as 0.25 etc etc etc... So, in the Transform window, if you want an object that is 500pt to be 25% bigger on the height, put in 500x1.25 in the Y section on transform - easy as hell:
  14. Just to comment on the last sentence: Affinity Designer/Photo on the newest big iPad Pro with Apple Pencil is really amazing to use! Especially Designer is stable as hell! Why couldn’t Pros go iPad? It’s all about imagination and talent behavior that can make wonder, on both Mac/Windows or iPad! This falls new iPad will get even more powerful and perhaps ligher in weight, so mobility will be awesome! The future still looks bright for Affinity...
  15. ErrkaPetti

    Snapping on Grid

    This is a known problem on the first release of Affinity Designer for iPad... someone told that there were an fix on the way...