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  1. If you scroll the Files app to the first file and then flick the finger another time as you would scroll the window up you will be presented with this view:
  2. Hold on, try this instead: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/gesturesign/9n45wqvk2qqw?activetab=pivot:overviewtab I use this awesome app on my HP Spectre X360 touch/Notebook... I can rotate the keyboard 360 degrees and hide it behind the screen, and then use this app to have shortcuts from the keyboard... Two-finger tap = Undo, Three finger tap = Redo, ect... Easy to program your own gestures on the screen and save presets... It’s free also...
  3. ErrkaPetti

    Affinity - Android

    Whatsoever, you seems to be an Apple-hater and a Affinity-hater in the same time, so there’s nothing I can do to convince you...
  4. ErrkaPetti

    Affinity - Android

    Not my words, it’s the common opinion among techpeople around the world... It must be something with iPads because Apple has sold 200 millions of them to very very satisfied customer! And, piracy, not my opinion either -it’s a well known problem for software companies, and that are one of the reasons many software giants neglect Android platform...
  5. ErrkaPetti

    Affinity - Android

    Fact is: the iPadOS 13.3 is less demanding, more stable, has better graphical handling, is way more safe, has almost no piracy (big problem for Android system to bring Pro apps to the platform), etc etc etc... Just look at the music making community on iOS/iPadOS - the amazing amount of software there is unbelievable, although Android has a tiny tiny amount of good music making apps... The list why iPad is such a success is long, and so is the list why Android tablets never has rised in popularity and sales figures...
  6. ErrkaPetti

    Affinity - Android

    The specs says nothing... The software AND the OS on iPad is way better than Android, better, faster and less demanding, AND iPad has many many more Pro apps then Android platform...
  7. ErrkaPetti

    Affinity - Android

    Guys guys guys, don’t wait on Affinity Suite on Android or Linux - it will ever never happens in near future, maybe not whatsoever... Serif Labs has more than enough to maintain/develop three apps/program to three different platform... Next big thing that is in focus is Affinity Publisher on iPad... @kvanconant - don’t compair an almost useless Adobe Illustrator Draw on Android with Affinity Designer on iPad - AD is miles miles away from that Adobe shit... Adobe couldn’t even make an useful Adobe Photoshop for iPad, although they have had almost ten years to make it (since first iPad june 2010)... so, don’t wait, buy a real tablet, or, hold on your less powerful and software-weak Android tablet and be glad for that...
  8. Forget the cloud download icon, I was showing the wrong sceenshot video, but, when doing this just now again it working with the SD-card as well... I mark the files I want to import to Affinity Photo and then just drag&drop them onto the Affinity Photo windows... I upload an video later that show this... Good luck to try this again, because it should work for you also...
  9. Pretty big documents... 8100x4000pts... It’s equivalent to around 170mpix...
  10. When you select multiply files, the technic is to not hesitate when moving them to the Affinity window... It must be a steady fast fingernmove... see screenmovie... IMG_0191.MP4
  11. This file is corrupted...
  12. Hi! What you describe above isn’t what my iPad Pro and Affinity Designer acts... I draw a square around the objects with the Move Tool, and every object in this group is resizing perfect, both bigger or smaller, it resize proportionally... Please, make an screen movie how it looks like when you do it... Take it from the beginning, make some objects, select them, resize... OK?
  13. But, in the same, just like the painters in real life, working with blending oilpaint, acrylic or watercolor blending, it must be good to learn the ground technology how to paint on a computer or tablet by hand, then you and others wanting this features can remake the brushes settings by the musclememory...
  14. Ive spend some time to test out some alternative to Affinity Designer (that I really like), and saw someone mention Vectorstyler here... ‘It’s only for Mac and it’s free to test just now in a beta version... Review? Sure, it’s jampacked with functionality and features, but, it’s slow, it’s not that intuitive, and, hard to master... But, it’s still in beta, and the retail price will certainly be around what Affinity Designer costs... But, there’s something with Affinity Designer that feels better, and, Affinity Suite is almost complete on three different platforms very soon, and that is an unbeatable advantage... But, VectorStyler is free to test, so, maybe someone else here can say something about what they think of it?
  15. I see now in you screenshot that your abr-files are associated to Photoshop Sketch... The differens then is that my brushfiles are associated to Adobe Fresco in my iPad - can it be therefore I’ve not have problem with the known Procreate bug? When I going to the settings I’ve got the option to wipe out everything from Affinity Photo...

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