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  1. Hmmm... I don't get it... When I Sidecar Affinity Designer for Mac on my iPad Pro 12.9" 2nd generation, it seems to me that it's full size...?
  2. We are more and more closer to day D (19th of June)! Speaking of Affinity in general, and Mac/iPad specific, have anybody here tested the new function Sidecar into iPadOS13/MacOS Catalina? Just ran Affinity Designer for Mac on my iPad Pro 12.9” with the Apple Pencil, and, the speed is amazing! Almost as running Mac version native on the iPad (with cable)... If you run over network/WiFi/Bluetooth everything can change depending of your connections...
  3. @tabbit It would be nice to know if this ’fit to box’ is a feature in Adobe Indesign or other software you’ve used earlier...? This ’grab lowest right handle’ in Affinity Publisher, how does this work for you when resizing your textbox?
  4. But, the glow compares to feather is’nt transparent... It may not concern if you have a clean white background, but if you wants to feather pictures and frames above other graphics it may not lokks good...
  5. Do you mean that this function in Indesign is a realtime autojustifying box? The fonts changes when you typing?
  6. For me Serif Inc. should bring Affinity Publisher to iPad at a first job after this heavy period of programming/development with Publisher Mac/Win & iPad Designer/Photo! But, first after June the 19th I hope the staff take some time off for resting! It has been an amazing period of time for us endusers!
  7. I suppose this function is not there in Publisher 1.0 (1.7)... Was’nt this the problem with PPX9, too many bloated functions? For now you have to manually fix this feather (use your imagination)... After 19th June we Probably easily can do this in combination with Affinity Photo or Designer-personas (if you bought one of them)...
  8. Ok, of course! But the result was pretty good when I tested this with a similar textbox in Publisher...
  9. Is’nt this 100% of the function @tabbit is looking for? He make an textbox with different textline just like his screenshot above (with different fontsizes), and, when resizing the textbox with the most right/lowest handle every line will autoadjust it’s fontsize...?
  10. But, mr Skip, We are toward an 1.0 release of something totally new here (not the Publisher alone though), and if you hav'nt already had time to test the Publisher/Designer/Photo-integration yet, you will soon see why Affinity Suite is the future for us semiPro and amateur users! Affinity Suite will be like AUM on the iPad; it's there everything starts! So, if you coming back to this software soon enough many "wanted" functions will be there, probably including Epub-export...
  11. I think many experienced user here is afraid that Affinity Publisher/Designer/Photo will be too bloated with functions if every good (or bad) idea should be implemented into the Affinity Suite... If we should keep the speed of this software wonder, we should be careful what we demand... I’m pretty happy with the result so far with the A-Suite...
  12. You can’t... Serif Inc. pays two different developerteam for two different versions of Publisher, so, you must contribute to both team and buy it twice (as it is for every bigger software companies)... 70$ for both versions is nothing to vine about, or?
  13. ErrkaPetti

    IPad Designer Crashing

    I can’t see this behavior on my iPad Pro 12.9” 2nd generation (4G/256GB)... I can change layername, I can work in Designer for one hour without any hussle, and go backwards for a save doc... Witch iPad do you have @carrie1811 ?