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  1. ErrkaPetti

    New beta before WWDC

    Do remind that many of the teamworkers of iPad version of Affinity Photo is busy to get Affinity Designer ready for WWDC this year... my guesses... We are many that has looking forward to this release loooooong time now :-)
  2. Hello there! Just now I have temporarily moved over to my "old" iPad Pro 12.9" because of Apples new beta 5 on iOS 11 have made my new 2017 iPad Pro 12.9" gone crazy (many apps don't start anymore)... I have several projects in Affinity Photo on my new iPad Pro that I wants to move/copy over to my old iPad Pro, but, I don't see Affinity Photo in my Mac in iTunes? Is it more user here that don't see Affinity Photo in iTunes?
  3. ErrkaPetti

    Laughably Unusable - iPad Pro 9.7”

    As I said earlier, the guy pays 20 bucks for this wonderful Affinity Photo, and, cries like a baby that it’s not that super duper fantastic app that it should be... come on, Affinity Photo today is much better than for six weeks ago, especially if you are on the beta 5 of version 1.64... If we let Serif work hard on this, and, give them currage to do that instead of talking a lot of shit here, we certainly will be more than pleased in the future...
  4. First of all, not a 150MB file, it was an 150 megapixel pictures... and, the panorama was jpg shoot by an Canon Eos D70...
  5. ErrkaPetti

    Laughably Unusable - iPad Pro 9.7”

    @Vincere - come on, I think you exaggerating things here... Sure, Affinity Photo ain’t perfect yet, but, it’s not that bad that you’ve been pointing at here... and, you paid 20 bucks for this app and believe that it is Photoshop on desktop? photoshop that has 27 years of development behind and has a staff (at least had) of 200 people working near the developers...?
  6. I edited an 150 megapixel panorama on my iPad Pro 12.9" (2017) with no issue at all! But, I've got the latest 1.64 beta 4 installed... Really impressed with Affinity Photo so far, and, now longing after Affinity Designer / Affinity Publisher to reach the beta stadium on iPad...
  7. ErrkaPetti

    Liquify Persona bug

    Ok. Apologies...
  8. ErrkaPetti

    Apple pencil pressure control

    'Shouldn't some of the horizontal sliders be set to 100% ? can't test this just now (my Apple Pencil is at home and I'm not)...
  9. Maybe, but, you can't access the photolibrary into the new app Files... You may only access iCloud Drive...
  10. First of all, thanks Serif/Affinity for an incredible app to our beloved iPads! but, there's room for a few more functions and improvements still... 1. I use the fabulous brushengine to draw on many pictures, and, I wish we would have a better presentation of the brushes with both names and the default brushsize... 2. It would be nice to have opportunity to favorite certain brushes for quicker access... 3. When I draw on pictures I wish to have a quick togglegesture to toggle between draw and eraser... 4. In many other photo manipulation program we got an function called "Match Color". It matches the color to any choosen layer/pictures... Nice when you cloning together several pictures... 5. Can we have the function "Stroke Line"? Nice to could choose dotted lines as well... 6. Fill pattern is also a very common function I miss from Photoshop... Sure, there are workarounds for a few of this... thanks in advance! ps. I'm part of the beta testing group, and see that the developing is going fast forward! Ds.
  11. Now there it already has been an improvments of the UI when we open photos from Apple Photo, it could be even better if we also could use the searchfunction and search for pictures in an specific region... Or, why not have the option to use the UI from the app Google Photo? There you can search from indexed file and search for boats, heaven, persons, houses, color, occasions, eastern etc etc...
  12. This is something this forum has already an thread about... you just doubletap on the hide UI icon! That's it...
  13. ErrkaPetti

    Affinity + iOS 11

    Hasn't this to do with the new picture file format Apple has released in iOS 11?
  14. ErrkaPetti

    Photo files from iPad to desktop…

    On my iPhone 6S I have all my photos direct synchronized to Google Drive (together with the auto sync to iCloud)... so, I can easily grab my pictures on every computer around the world (if internet is present)... Just install the app Google Photo an set the preferences to sync...
  15. ErrkaPetti

    [Auto] Filters

    I also have this feeling when it concern Auto Color... I have a couple of nice pictures taken outside in sunny weather, but, the cameras WB-preferences was not set to auto... The WB setting was tungsten lightning, and, the pictures has a certain colorisation on it. When I testing this pictures into my girlfriends Photoshop for Mac, the Auto Color function seems to fix up the right color into my pictures... But, in Affinity Photo on my new iPad Pro 12.9" on beta 1.64 (beta 1) there seems to be no affecting whatsoever when I execute an Auto Color onto this pictures...? Can anybody else test this with some pictures that has this wrong White Balance settings? Testpic here: