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  1. Hello @Dan C There's no bleed setup. By the way: the offset is different every time (percentage of drawn recangle, maybe?). Thanks offset.mov
  2. When I make an artboard with the size of a selection, the artboard is allways off: shifted to top and left. Even in a simple document with only one rectangle. Is this happen to others as well? 1.10.5 on MacOS Mojave
  3. like this? In Document Setup > Colour click 'transparent background' transparent2.afdesign
  4. Make sure you have 'Show Tools' checked in View menu. In the Tool Box choose the 'A' button.
  5. These are my settings for newspaper. Document profile is iso newspaper 26v4. Hope it helps.
  6. Yes, Pdf Studio 2022 Pro has colour separations, but it doesn't work well. If at all.
  7. Click text with fill tool, now the endpoints of gradient appear. Click endpoints and move around freely. At least in Designer. Haven't tried the other apps.
  8. I think it's an issue with Calibri. Back in my Illustrator days, when I openend a pdf with Calibri, text in this font was completely illegible. https://community.adobe.com/t5/illustrator-discussions/illustrator-opens-pdf-with-corrupted-characters/td-p/4851202
  9. Is this what you're looking for: Preferences > Colour uncheck 'Convert opened files to working space'
  10. Indeed the dialog is for opening a pdf file. And dragging it onto the application, but not onto the pasteboard appears to make a difference. I'll do that from now on. There doesn't have to be another file already open, btw. Thanks, Walt.
  11. Edit: the above can also occur when dragging to open from same monitor. I have the impression that this happens when, after dragging a file on the main application window, I click the main window to activate the application (bring the application to the font) and the main window then covers the pdf import dialog. Moving the main window to the side doesn't reveal the import dialog.
  12. Thanks for your contributions, everyone. This evening I'll have a closer look at the files Legarto sent. Thanks a lot for your trouble. At the moment I tend to return to the safe side and stick to pdf/x. It's more work on the ads, changing them to pdf/x before placing, but if that's what it takes… The typo: thanks for pointing this out, Wosven. I saw it has actually been there since december 2019. Nobody noticed before. And I don't usually read everyting I place. I also rewrote the sentence, so now it breaks after the slash (like in the original InDesign file). I also traced the drawing of the newspaper man and placed that vector file, so that's less prone to adventurous behaviour in a next issue. On the side: ads supplied can be made in Word or Powerpoint and not necessarily in the desired size. But even ads made by a professional (?) designer have to be checked. I remember an ad which had pantone colours, same colour number, but mixed coated and uncoated versions. Looked fine on screen…
  13. The printer asks for pdf/x-1a:2001 which I used in my InDesign days. Since the transfer to Publisher I used pdf/x-1a:2003, but that resulted in a number of placed ads (pdf, passthrough) being pixelated. So this time I went for the Press Ready preset and didn't see any problems in the resulting pdf. I tested the flattening in Acrobat and I expected the printer's RIP to handle this well also. Shouldn't have, as it seems.
  14. Attached threre's a page made with Affinity Publisher ( beta), exported to pdf using the ‘press ready’ preset. There seems to be a challenge with the little man with the newspaper under his arm, bottom near left. The drawing is an rgb image set to opacity 100% multiply to reveal the coloured vector object below. In the resulting pdf this drawing still has the blend mode set to multiply, so no flattening has been applied. Now, as it appears this little man doesn't show up in the printed newspaper at all. Judging from the photo, it looks like only a vague image is visible (I haven't seen an actual printed paper copy yet). No problems when printed on a laser printer. Is there anyone out there with more experience in the printing business who can think of an explanation for this? The multiply blend mode seems to be causing this result. But why? DNSk_2022-03_p02.pdf
  15. FYI: on MacOS 10.14.6 (Mojave) I get no RGB option in pdf/X-3:2003 in APub 10.4 nor in 10.5.1282 beta. Document colour RGB or CMYK, no difference.
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