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  1. The Flood Select tool apparently does not work on Image layers. Works fine on pixel layers but not on image layers which is pretty inconvenient. And I'm not talking about editing or drawing on the Image layer, but only selecting the desired parts of it with the Flood Select tool to for example make a mask from that selection or paint inside the selection on another layer to name just two cases where it would be helpful.
  2. Dear Affinity team, I am trying to find out where the swatches I create in Designer are stored on the PC (I know that they can be exported but that's not what I want to know) and I unfortunately can't find any information on that. And is it a file like Tools.xml in AppData/Affinity... or is the information for the swatches embedded in another file somewhere else entirely? Best regards
  3. Layer Effects --> Gradient Overlay --> Colour Picker for any of the gradient colours is bugged since the last update. As can be seen in the screenshot as soon as I want to pick a colour for any of the gradients colours the colour window gets hidden behind the gradient window, making it unusable.
  4. Hi MEB, Thanks for the quick reply. And thanks for moving it to the fitting section
  5. Is there a way to change the default position of the transform anchor point in Designer and Photo to not be at the top left but rather in the center?
  6. Hi MEB, Thank you Ah that's good to know that it's a known bug, I just couldn't find anything about it so I thought 'better post it'. And that's a good tip, I'll remember that when the problem arises next time, thank you Best regards
  7. As the title says, when I combine shapes with some nodes on the exact same coordinates, Affinity Designer does not merge these nodes as one but rather creates multiple nodes on top of each other. The same happens when I join two nodes that are in the same location.