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  1. Well Well, still you can select and there is no feedback that you can't copy. That's not a good way for a user feedback And well, as being in software industrie for close to 30 years now, I totally disagree. Also if it's not a pixel layer it's still a layer that could be cutted. You can cut anything - even triangles in 3d vector software. So perhaps the developers might didn't knew how to do that (I think it's easy, it would be just cutting out a part of the original image), it still should give feedback that the software can't do that
  2. Well, I find this irritating, too. I understand that it's not a pixel layer, but I can make a selection on that and pressing copy and paste doesn't inform me, I am not able to. And I don't understand why I am not able to! I would expact to do a crop on the orginal image and copy the cropped image when pressing copy and paste.
  3. @Gabe Of course I can (sorry it took a while, but I was on holiday) MergingError.afphoto
  4. Hello everyone! I got one layer with a reduced opacity (20%) the layers above is 100%. While exporting to Photoshop, the pixels opacity is reduced to 20% AND the layers opacity is 20%, too. Turning that back to 100% I only got 20% of the opacity of the pixels. What is your operating system and version : Windows 8.1 with latest patches Affinity Photo Version: What happened for you : The opacity is set for the pixels not only for the layer while exporting to psd Provide a recipe for creating the problem (step-by-step what you did): Setting one layer to 20% Exporting to psd Screenshots (very handy) or a screen capture/video:
  5. @fde101 Thanks. Oh, I really didn't knew how to set the rotation point. That was helpful. Thank you for letting me know!
  6. Hello everyone! I got several problems with colors in Affinity Photo and this time I want to show a bug (I guess it's one) when I rasterize a groups. Perhaps it's not a bug but me doing a mistake (might be). What is your operating system and version : Windows 8.1 with latest patches Affinity Photo Version: What happened for you : The colors of the rasterized group are changing. The group is set to transfer mode (not normal) Provide a recipe for creating the problem (step-by-step what you did): I click on rasterize on a group that is set to transfer mode After rasterize the colors of the new layer are different Screenshots (very handy) or a screen capture/video: One with the group one with the rasterized group
  7. @Gabe Well, I'll try to deliver one. I guess I need a screen recording tool Yes, I am using a tablet.
  8. I never use standard templates coming with a software - but I want to create my own. That would really be nice.
  9. Well using Adobe Photoshop offers you some transformation tools, I like. In some cases they could come more handy but you can do a lot of things with those. I am missing those tools in Affinity as I am working on skins for example and so some distortions are useful. For a selection of pixels I want to have the ability to set the rotation point to set a fix corner or midpoint for scalation (so this point will stay where it is) to have negative scaling (like mirroring) to get an distortion transformation tool These would be very helpful.
  10. Hi @Gabe Windows Ink is turned on in the tablet preferences
  11. Great, thanks! By the way. Although there are some bugs, Affinity Photo is a great software and I'm trying to move from Adobe to Affinity. In some cases Affinity is very good and easy to handle in some other situations I need a little bug fixing or some additional features
  12. I agree, I just found the same issue. I selected an area to delete but I was on a hidden layer and removed the content. After hitting Crtl-Z the content was back but in the small preview area of the layers, the area still seemed to be deleted. Only closing the file and reopening it refreshed the preview.
  13. Hello everyone! Well, I found a funny issue. I am not sure how to reproduce it. I think it occurs only after doing some work. It's the third time I found this issue while working on a skin. In this case I have to pick colors and draw a bit repetitive. After picking perhaps one or two hundred times a color, I can't see the color picked and I can't see when I do the drawing again. In some cases the color switches to black and I only got black points. So I closed the file opened it again or another and still the same and after some clicks the black point is drawn again. Funny is that when I hit Crtl-Z the black point doesn't vanish, it stays there. So, closing the whole application and opening it again removes the bug. I can color pick and draw again. Opening the file reveals that my drawing was successfull (more or less cause I couldn't see what I was doing), but it was saved when saving the file although it wasn't shown. I have a pixel layer, didn't had a selection, there was nur lighting / effect layer involved (there isn't one in the whole file). As it occurs only in few cases (I work for some weeks now but it only occured three times) I am not able to give screenshots of the error (yes, I missed that). Is there a log file or can I turn on logging for the next time? What is your operating system and version : Windows 8.1 with latest patches Affinity Photo Version: What happened for you : Color picking / drawing not possible
  14. Perhaps it is not a bug but I think it can't be called "by design". I think it's a missing feature so perhaps a feature request should be made. "By design" is when there is something for a specific reason and you can't implement it without blasting the architecture. I know it's always easy to tell someone it's "by design", but I think in this case (and the most other cases) it's not.
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