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  1. Yes, definitely it weird behavior - sometimes it works well, sometimes pen stops working, sometime mouse and vice versa. Problem related to this; when the previous described error happen, adding new ruler (vertical or horizontal) works weird as well. For example, if you want to create new one and drag it from the ruler area, it doesn't show its trail. This means you can not visually control where it is, you see only the mouse pointer.
  2. Yes, this was bug on previous versions of Designer. You don't need to restart whole designer, just close the project and re-open -- this at least worked for me. However from 1.8.3 should this be corrected. Do you have enabled Windows Ink in settings of Windows 10?
  3. Strange behavior happened few times. I was not able to replicate it with same steps, but sometimes I can not move object with my mouse -- object can be selected, but not moved. I'm only able to move that (any) object with my tablet (pen). After this is done, the movement with mouse is again working. Anyone encountered this behavior? Thanks...
  4. Hi there, I see no support on this on the latest version (1.8.3). We are slowly trying to migrate to Affinity products in my studio, but some missing features in Publisher prevent it. Designer is great, Photo is great. Publisher...still not there yet. Is there any official roadmap for this? Any news from Affinity?
  5. I have to agree with @nodeus because the expected functionality would be "next -- previous. the reason for this is that the usage of "back -- forward" is limited. It maybe makes sense to go "back", but "forward"? Where forward... I understand the intention of the developers and the concepts, but from my experience the concepts are often changed based on the usability tests. We often prepare concept for client, but very often change it based on the user feedback. PS I know this will be heresy here, but Adobe PS, AI, etc, have in their Preferences "next -- prev" buttons
  6. There is a bug in the navigation of the "preferences" UI. The arrows "left" and "right" are not working properly. The "right" one is not working and the "left" one is taking you back to the main selection.
  7. Sounds great! Haven't thought about the grid of the layouts yet, but now I see that it will be useful feature. For example to distribute the artboards and align them. Now I thinking about them as "objects"...
  8. Hi MEB, Thank you for the explanation. It sounds only logical, considering that you have various types of units (not only decimal). I think this is very helpful explanation as figuring this out was not a trivial
  9. Well in that case, does Serif has any explanation for it? It really seems to be a bug...
  10. Thank you for the quick reply and info @walt.farrell. I see, so the coordinates of the "whole" number. Hmm very strange behavior as when you exporting specific Artboard with specific size, it shouldn't matter where it is position in "space".
  11. Hi there, Have anyone encountered the problem when exporting artboards. Sometimes the export size is off by 1px. I was not able to find why... Here is the export window: ...and here is the size of the artboard: It basically doesn't matter if you select in the export area "Selection" or the specific artboard name. Is this known bug?
  12. Hi @Vormgevertje, I think if you can share the files with the Affinity development team, they will be able to help you. I couldn't do that as our files were confidential.
  13. Hi @Sean P Thanks, for the confirmation. I have realized after thorough searching that the bleed is visible, but the background of an artboard must be adjusted to very dark color. So on big monitor it is really thin line...
  14. Bleed is not showing on the Artboard. The bleed is there, you can snap object to it but it's not showing. It doesn't help to show/hide bleed or Clip to Canvas on/off. Is there any other option how to display it on the screen...
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