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  1. Hi @Sean P Thanks, for the confirmation. I have realized after thorough searching that the bleed is visible, but the background of an artboard must be adjusted to very dark color. So on big monitor it is really thin line...
  2. Bleed is not showing on the Artboard. The bleed is there, you can snap object to it but it's not showing. It doesn't help to show/hide bleed or Clip to Canvas on/off. Is there any other option how to display it on the screen...
  3. Hi @Gabe Thank you for the update. Based on your answer, this could be implemented in the next release.
  4. Is there any specific date when the 1.8 beta will make to release? As the pen support is crucial for any design work...
  5. Quite often I encounter problem where the toolbox with the measuring distance is hidden behind the anchor of the bounding box of the object. See below the image for details . Even simple zooming out doesn't help to show the numbers in the toolbox. To go around it it is always necessary to zoom out to very small zoom ration and then the toolbox will appear - see 2nd image. I know this is just UI tweak and probably the measurement toolbox should be displayed next to the anchor. Does anyone encounter this?
  6. Hi Gabe, Thank you for the update. Just quick question: Is it possible to have installed both versions Live and Beta in one system?
  7. Arghmath

    Place... (Image)

    Found it Thank you for the help!
  8. Arghmath

    Place... (Image)

    I see, and is it possible to add keyboard shortcut to this command? Thank you
  9. Arghmath

    Place... (Image)

    Ok, understand this is default option however: Place an image? We are using same command and same menu as in other Affinity programs and there is only place (see below from Publisher), there is no such item as "Place Image"
  10. Problem with the default type when placing document. Open Publisher File Place Image on empty page Default image is selected to TXT (never used this type of file) Must select from the drop down desired type file Is this normal behavior? I know that in Photo or Designer the default is "All files" Any ideas how to change this. Thank you
  11. Hi Sean P, Yes I thought this could cause the Wacom tablet. I will try your solution. However this particular "freeze" happened when using only mouse, so I'm not sure if this will solve it...
  12. Hello, Have anyone encountered this bug. The view tool, shortcut (H) or pressing "space" stops working. There is not possibility to move artwork by mouse or tablet pen. The only solution is always to close and start again the designer. It happens repetitively... Any thoughts what this could cause?
  13. Unfortunately this is not yet published content for our clients and it is confidential. I will try to later upload "reduced" version...
  14. When exporting PDF, some vector elements are missing. The document has linked native Affinity Designer's files embedded. What is weird that those vector elements are missing from those files. Another problem is that it depends on export settings, for example: Profile: Print - properly is exported only cover page, on following pages, are missing certain vector elements. Profile: Export - it seems ok Does any encountered similar problem. So far I do not see the way around...
  15. Arghmath

    EPS files not read correctly

    Hi Koen, I have opened your EPS and can confirm that the top layer of the heart is pixel layer. Beneath layers are vectors. The rest of the EPS is complete vector as well. Is this right?

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