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  1. Arghmath

    EPS files not read correctly

    Hi Koen, I have opened your EPS and can confirm that the top layer of the heart is pixel layer. Beneath layers are vectors. The rest of the EPS is complete vector as well. Is this right?
  2. Arghmath

    Failed to Save File

    It's the desktop version. However after upgrading to 1.7.3 version, the error never occurred again. As mentioned before I believe this error was related to upgrading to newer (previous) version of the software.
  3. Arghmath

    Failed to Save File

    LynnB - I'm not sure if this could be related as I have not encountered any saving issues in the Publisher. However, haven't you recently upgraded to a newer version?
  4. Arghmath

    Failed to Save File

    Hmm, maybe this could be it. I was thinking what could cause the problem with the saving error, and now I just realized, that I did update to the newer version that time...and the saving start working after I've had restarted my computer.
  5. Arghmath

    Failed to Save File

    Ok understand, I will keep this mind and if we encounter anything similar I will request the link. Thank you everyone for the help...
  6. Arghmath

    Failed to Save File

    Sorry for the late reply. Yes I think the it is related to the damaged file, however the problem seems to be with the saving. Yes it was possible to edit the file. Unfortunately the file can not be posted here to public forum. IF the problem occurs again, is there any place where to report bugs directly except forum?
  7. Arghmath

    Failed to Save File

    add pruus: Yes even new name doesn't work. The file name is created --> I can see it on the local drive, but it's corrupted. add walt.farrell: Local SSD nvme in standard project folder.
  8. Hi I have encountered problem with saving file in Designer. Steps: 1. Working and updating Designer document 2. Save or Save as 3. Error screen: Failed to save file. This should be reported 4. The file is created (in case of Save As...), but when trying it open error occured 5. Opening the file error: Failed to open. The file type is not supported. After restarting Designer, same error occurs. Anything what could be done with this on my side? Thank you
  9. Thank you for the quick reply. Yes, exactly this is what I was doing -- many times . When copied from the Excel it was not working, from Open office yes. Maybe it could be related to the content with text. Cells with numbers was possible to copy from the both programs without no problem.
  10. The copying content from Excel's multiple cells and tables is not working well. When following steps from help the content is not copied (paste special) to the Pulisher's table. When the table (from Excell 2016) is saved in older format e.g. Excel XLS 2003+ and then reopened in the Open Office, then copied into the Publisher -- everything is working properly. In case of Excel 2016+ it was possible to insert the content to only one cell. Does anyone have encountered this error?

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