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    No PDF bookmarks

    Thanks Walt. Yes, hyperlinks do work, but no bookmarks are created in the exported PDF.
  2. Win 10, AP When using the context menu on the left of a table to delete many selected rows, the behavior is different depending on which mouse button (left or right) is used to show the context menu: Always many rows are selected: Right mouse button (obvious behavior): shows context menu with "Delete Row(s)" upon others "Delete row(s)" is selected all selected rows are deleted --> expected behavior Left mouse button (unexpected behavior) shows context menu with "Delete Row(s)" upon others "Delete row(s)" is selected only the single row where mouse click for the context menu occurred is deleted --> unexpected behavior I wouldn't say that the left mouse button behavior is wrong, but at least it is unexpected. I would expect for a context menu named "Delete Row(s)" that it deletes the currently selected single or many rows. In case the left mouse click behavior should be to always delete a single row only, then the context menu should be named "Delete Row" (always singular.) when it was called by the left mouse button.
  3. It looks like there is no way to create a PDF with bookmarks? There is no UI for bookmarks in the Export...PDF dialogs, nor are there any bookmarks in a PDF when an AP document with Anchors is exported. Seems like creating an "Index" doesn't do anything with PDF bookmarks, too. Since many printed publications are also used as PDFs available online (online increasing, printed decreasing), I'd recommend to add a feature to add bookmarks to PDF files exported from AP. Win10, AP
  4. There is a hint above a table column showing the table column width when dragged to another width (hard to describe...). However, the width the hint shows is wrong, leads to a wrong assumption about the column width respectively. See enclosed image with the "wrong" width in the "hint" in red, and the correct cell width in the table pallet (green). I assume the wrong width the hint shows refers to the column left from the column selected. The misleading part seems to be that the hint badge is shown at a wrong position: the column the width refers to is always the one from the left from the border dragged, but the badge itself is shown on the right from the border dragged. Publisher on Win10.