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Replace Symbol functionality

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I would suggest to exend this feature request so that there should be a general Find-replace function, by which one could exchange any kind of object/groupe/symbol by another one. So that, for example, you could replace all blue elipses with yellow stars, but just for artboard "A" and no other artboards.

The "Select all" functionality is still there. What's missing is a general replacement feature. There are still many loose ends of this kind that Serif can pick up and tie up further.

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Have to be honest here, I would much prefer an Edit > Paste Replace... function, one where I can decide to paste the selected items with copies at the same size as the selected items or the same size as what is on the clipboard. Preserve or replace rotation, shear, and scale plus fill and stroke etc would be awesome. But for a start Paste Replace would be great.

Mac Pro (Late 2013) Mac OS 12.7.4 
Affinity Designer 2.4.1 | Affinity Photo 2.4.1 | Affinity Publisher 2.4.1 | Beta versions as they appear.

I have never mastered color management, period, so I cannot help with that.

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Symbol functionality needs to be revamped. It's clearly not too well implemented...

For example, on Symbols tab, something as simple as renaming a symbol.... it should be just clicking on its name to reveal a prefilled text input, turns into a pop up menu->rename symbol... and that pop up doesn't even prefills the current name. Double click should open the symbol for editing....

On Layers tab: Replacing selected by a symbol ....etc etc

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+1 - for:
- global symbol libraries
- an organised and hierarchical symbol panel which groups and nests symbols based on a specific naming convention (e.g. from figma: "If you use a slash-separated naming convention, we will group those components together in the Instance menu. e.g. file / page / frame /**name**/")
- swapping/replacing symbols on the fly, in a similar fashion to sketch/figma

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Another useful feature would be to turn any object into a predefined symbol. How this can be useful:

1. Create your symbol

2. Position simple shapes like circles where you want your symbol to be.

3. Turn the circles into the symbol.

This could help with snapping and positioning, especially if the symbol is very complex and snaps all over the place. We could have options about what to transfer from the shape to the symbol: Position only (center point, the symbol would be normal 100% size), scale (stretch the symbol to fit inside the shape's bounding box), fit, etc.

This workflow has been very useful for me in blender (yes, it's a 3D software, but the method is the same)

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The workflow is broader than that:

Importing CAD blocks as Symbols, if that's not possible, you can at least convert the shapes to symbols afterwards.

For Archviz: import points for places where there are trees/ furniture objects and replace them with the appropriate symbol.

It would be really flexible.

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+1 That feature would be so helpful!


I have a workaround that can work in some cases, but it has serious limitations. But maybe it helps someone.

- I create a new document with the same size artboard (so I can copy the elements in place)

- I copy&paste all the instances I want to change to that other document (I like to keep the originals in case I need to go back, so I just hide them. See cons.)

- Modify the symbol and rename it on the layers panel (This way all the instances get renamed.)

- Copy them back to the original document. They become a new symbol on the Symbols panel.



- It only works for one symbol. For example if you have Symbol A and Symbol B and you want to change some instances of both to Symbol C, you can't. Since they both become new symbols (e.g. C and D).

- That's why, if you decide that you need to change some more instances, you need to redo the whole thing and do them all at once.



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