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  1. Yeah, I could really use a text-searchable pdf that just lists them all. Like, is there even a shortcut to cycle pen modes? I want to customize them as little as possible, because I use a Razer gamepad for all my hotkeys and I can just program those buttons to match the program I'm using.
  2. scatterbrain73

    Feature request — oct 2017

    I completely agree with all of these feature requests. Free transform and mesh transformation of vector objects would be crazy powerful. And let me also add that I think you all have done an excellent job building this program from the ground up. I still love Designer!
  3. I second this request! Offset Path would be super useful.
  4. scatterbrain73

    Roughen Curves

    Oh, yes please. I miss stackable roughen effects. So useful.
  5. scatterbrain73

    Visibility of Symbols is linked to all instances

    I second that. Any word on this issue?
  6. scatterbrain73

    Visibility of Symbols is linked to all instances

    Glad to know this is a bug and not a feature, because that's a huge pain.
  7. I'll go ahead and add +1 to this. Been using Affinity for a few months now and just now ran into this issue. Would be a great help!
  8. I'd like to add my voice to this request. Would be immensely helpful, especially with a large, complex scene.
  9. scatterbrain73

    [ADe] Select and Delete a Line Segment.

    I would absolutely love to see this implemented. Very frustrating doing it by breaking/joining.
  10. scatterbrain73

    Improve Eyedropper Tool

    Any word on enhancing the Colour Picker tool, or introducing a tool to copy an object's overall style to a new object? In Illustrator the Eyedropper tool did this with one click, but here it seems the only way is to create a New Style from Selection and apply it to the new object. But sometimes I just want to use a new style as a basis and recolor it manually, without creating a dozen new Styles that I don't really need. I know it seems like a stretch, and I don't expect AD to completely mimic Illustrator, but it seems that would be handy. Thanks in advance!
  11. scatterbrain73

    seamless pattern fill

    I will say that I love being able to transform my pattern on the fly this way. It beats having to tweak the pattern through a dialogue or create a new one that conforms more closely to what I want.
  12. I second this request. Would love to see some sort of Appearance panel equivalent. I just installed this today as an Illustrator replacement and I love it so far!