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  1. Yeah, I could really use a text-searchable pdf that just lists them all. Like, is there even a shortcut to cycle pen modes? I want to customize them as little as possible, because I use a Razer gamepad for all my hotkeys and I can just program those buttons to match the program I'm using.
  2. scatterbrain73

    Feature request — oct 2017

    I completely agree with all of these feature requests. Free transform and mesh transformation of vector objects would be crazy powerful. And let me also add that I think you all have done an excellent job building this program from the ground up. I still love Designer!
  3. I second this request! Offset Path would be super useful.
  4. scatterbrain73

    Roughen Curves

    Oh, yes please. I miss stackable roughen effects. So useful.
  5. scatterbrain73

    Visibility of Symbols is linked to all instances

    I second that. Any word on this issue?
  6. scatterbrain73

    Visibility of Symbols is linked to all instances

    Glad to know this is a bug and not a feature, because that's a huge pain.
  7. I'll go ahead and add +1 to this. Been using Affinity for a few months now and just now ran into this issue. Would be a great help!
  8. Oooooo, mesh warp/distort! *drool* I can't wait! I love what you're doing with this program; I've been using it for a couple of weeks, and now that I've gotten the hang of certain things I can say it's successfully killed Illustrator as far as I'm concerned. There are some features I've been missing with AI, but I've discovered workarounds that justify not having to pay for a damned subscription every month. This has become my new design standard and I'll continue to support it and spread the word. Thank you!
  9. I'd like to add my voice to this request. Would be immensely helpful, especially with a large, complex scene.
  10. scatterbrain73

    [ADe] Select and Delete a Line Segment.

    I would absolutely love to see this implemented. Very frustrating doing it by breaking/joining.
  11. scatterbrain73

    Improve Eyedropper Tool

    Any word on enhancing the Colour Picker tool, or introducing a tool to copy an object's overall style to a new object? In Illustrator the Eyedropper tool did this with one click, but here it seems the only way is to create a New Style from Selection and apply it to the new object. But sometimes I just want to use a new style as a basis and recolor it manually, without creating a dozen new Styles that I don't really need. I know it seems like a stretch, and I don't expect AD to completely mimic Illustrator, but it seems that would be handy. Thanks in advance!
  12. scatterbrain73

    seamless pattern fill

    I will say that I love being able to transform my pattern on the fly this way. It beats having to tweak the pattern through a dialogue or create a new one that conforms more closely to what I want.
  13. I second this request. Would love to see some sort of Appearance panel equivalent. I just installed this today as an Illustrator replacement and I love it so far!