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  1. Hmm, my Auto-Scroll is allways on. I thought it was used for when you manually move something down the hierarchy. Might be a bug with the auto-scroll then.
  2. That's a bit odd. I wish affinity would save me from switching to the move tool when I want to find something then.
  3. Thankyou! I kinda wish it was with a double click, but thanks for letting me know the feature exists. I'll probably delete this thread now that I know there's a solution.
  4. I realise that you can zoom in on an object by double clicking on the object thats in the hierarchy, but why can't it be the other way around? I often can't find an object buried in the cluttered hierarchy, while I can see it clearly on the artboard. I believe that double clicking on the object and having the hierarchy automatically scroll to it, and have it selected would be very beneficial.
  5. Hi GarryP, Yeah, I think it would be best for the new layer to appear next to a selected layer - as scrolling all the way to the top and dragging it down to the other object became really tedious. Same with the second suggestion. I believe it would definitely make it more efficient.
  6. When "Add Layer" is clicked, make it appear in the hierarchy next to a selected item. Also if multiple items are selected and if "Add Layer" is pressed, automatically put them inside the new layer.