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  1. Hi, I was using a lot Photoshop CC in the past few years and im really using that settings... When right click on mouse, open the Brushes and Pensil Advanced Toolbox. Is that possible to configure this has a setting or sending a request for that please? See capture of what the toolbox im talking. Thanks. Sorry for my english, im better in French. :)
  2. Hi, I use Affinity Photo and Designer with a 32" 2K monitor, ASUS PB328Q and the toolbar icons and side main tools are quite small. I saw that in Preferences, we can ajust background and gama preferences, but it will be great to have 2 or 3 differents size for Toolbar and Side back tools icons. Is that possible? Many people was starting to use 2K/4K and Curved monitor. I don't know if you worked with these resolutions, but in Windows, it's really a Pain to work with 4K montiors. I've returned my 4K to purchase a 2K instead, because it was too small (texts, tools, icons) in all applications. See attached file (you will see the space of working and how icons and tools are small. :| Thanks. PLEASE, CONTINUE YOUR GOODWORK.
  3. Hi, I have a request (if not in your plan)... When we open a new Project, Image or Document, we don't know if the software are loading the document or been freezed. I look up everywhere to try to see a Loading area, but i don't find one.
  4. Ohhhh.... I finally find it, 15 minutes of testing.... Document > Transparent Background (mine are in French, i translate has what it should writen).
  5. Hi, I have not clue in Affinity Photo to export the logo in PNG with transparent background. Quesiton #1: How can i do it ? Question #2: Did we can start a project with transparent background like in Photoshop? You know the damian background? Thanks. P.S. I have the French version of the software... :D
  6. @TonyB KICKSTARTER, KICKSTARTER, KICKSTARTER.... You will sell in one shot your software, will gain in free money support, etc.
  7. The only one reason why many professionals don't goes on Linux, it's because Photoshop, Video Editing and Web developping programs aren't exist on LInux. I starting to hate Microsoft with Windows 10 take control of user softwares by removing it, I personnally love 1-2 Linux distribution "Deepin Os" and also "Ubuntu original Os". I have a solution for Web developpement, Brackets, but it's far not comparable of Dreamweaver CC. Why did you know Start a Kick Starter campaign for your Linux Developping Cost ?
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