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  1. Not exactly I epected but it useful too. I take it. Thanks!
  2. Like Autocad or CAD-tools for adobe Illustrator. It is realy useful for presentations and easy looking drafts. 1. Measurment Information panel with curve lenght, area 2. Dimentions tools: select part of curve > drag mouse > dimention object as result.
  3. I tried be clear with picture!
  4. Not exactly I looking. Join curves - draw stright line between two point of two diffirent curves. Without fusion. I need fuse and weld two points of one curve - first and last point.
  5. AD has very cool and fast symbols. When I edit one symbol - other instances changing immediately, I realy surprised after AI. So I looking tool which allow making patterns. Clone object on to grid wiil be realy powerfull feature. Desirable keep link position between grid and clone positions. UPD. simillar topic spoted. Sorry and delete my please
  6. if I type "-30" in ΔR (while Point Transform Tool) in transform palete - nothing happening AD beta
  7. ctrl+alt+j in AI join two points (if it last or first point of curve) in shared center. same function looking in AD