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  1. It is really sad the AfD do not support raster 9-slice scaling :( I can say for sure that games market is almost 3 times larger than apps & online services. Our total audience recently surpassed 180 000 000 players around the globe. The thing is that we are all here know how to make proper tooling for a project and how to do efficient graphics programming. As a result, many studios have its own proprietary software for the desired production pipeline even if "the pipeline" is pretty common(hehe). It's a really huge niche that you can take over just with a couple specialized features like "9-slice scaling for Symbols & raster elements" the other really cool way you can go - make Affinity Designer - extensible, like Unity so each studio could use it as a platform.
  2. Hi there! I'm a UI designer in a mobile games development company. We use Unity and NGUI as our UI framework. All UI elements are sprites even if it is simple square. Pretty all elements created to be 9-Sliced (when you scale a sprite - its corners do not scale). This functionality is essential for all UI frameworks (even HTML) Here is a video example. Youtube link in case forum bugs (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8mhKJZVd58E) Here is a thread in Photoshop Community on this topic https://feedback.photoshop.com/photoshop_family/topics/add_9_slice_scaling_in_photoshop_cs6 Do you have this feature? I can say for sure if you do - I will immediately switch from PS to AfD. Our team workflow is (example names used): 1. Design an element and give it appropriate name (http://service.crazypanda.ru/v/clip2net/V/v/aNCQ1yj6tg.png) 2. Convert an element to a Smart Object and drop it into appropriate Creative Cloud Library (Atlas_Panels) so all teammates could use it. (http://service.crazypanda.ru/v/clip2net/x/f/5ZzKG4sNJB.png) 3. Place this Cloud Smart Object into a special Atlas_Panels.psd document and give a layer name a ".png" suffix. (http://service.crazypanda.ru/v/clip2net/S/e/m8DTluWUiv.png) 4. This PSD document continuously exports all assets into Perforce folder (http://service.crazypanda.ru/v/clip2net/T/0/lsCO6FBzgg.png) 5. Another designer uses an element from the Library and it is 100% the latest version! This workflow is really good. BUT! If you have Icons atlas - it is ok. If you have Art atlas it is ok as well. But if you have Panels atlas it's not ok because each designer have to drag-drop element sources from the library so he/she could resize it properly (http://service.crazypanda.ru/v/clip2net/B/3/jgLKglo7VF.png) And as a result there is no guarantee that this certain panel is "100% latest" in all windows\screens. If you can provide similar workflow I will push a company-wide decision on switching to Affinity (after couple test-runs of course :) )
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