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  1. 2017, 2018, 2019... I guess it is my turn: Hello, any news on 9-slice scaling?
  2. Hello. The 'Cycle Selection Box' is kind of handy, but to have to click it every single time you select the object / group back is quite annoying. Another thing is to align the object in an artboard: I entered the value I want but it keeps changing the tranformation numbers to the other selection box mode. It shouldn't do it when in the other mode. So, at the end, I prefer to 'apply' my objects rotation simply by pressing the boolean Add button: The issue here is that I lost my gradient set up. Kind of weird to do that. So I duplicate the object to copy the gradient (and check it visually), press the boolean Add button, Ctrl+Shift+V to paste the old Style and... the gradient is messed up. I have to set the gradient position again. This is the most annoying thing from the whole process since sometimes I need to make it match to another gradient, shape or what so ever. To conclude I think the boolean add button would be the best and fast way to apply it if Boolean operations or Paste Style keep the world axis references and not local axis.
  3. Hello. Big thanks for both answers! It worked. I followed the image tutorial from that link: The channel clear part didn't work when I moved all images as channels, even trying to rasterize. There was no such option, only for the original image. So I had to open each image on its own tab to be able to clear, then copy and paste to the first image. I did set up the alpha as well, giving me this result: But, as @anon2 pointed, I lost RGB information, so it still useless for me. Alpha channel mask should never mess with RGB channel, only Alpha. Well, the best option could be to have an option to choose, since I can imagine some scenarios where it requires to work as it already is as well. I both Affinity Designer, it was in my radar from a while ago. And I'm happy with it. Being able to export sprites in different folders in one time is quite amazing! Now I'm not sure about Affinity Photo yet. Kinda cool the personas, but, I don't know. Affinity have some great templates and all, but none of them are focus in game development. At least yet. Thanks again for the help and tips. Cheerios
  4. Hello, I'm testing designer and photo and planning to buy both. I'm checking if it will help in my workflow. My art surrounds game art needs: 3d, animation, lighting, texturing, shading, UI, etc. So I need a lot of maps. Bellow there is an example of a (weird) button and the maps I need to export for my shader. The thing is I will develop it in designer and I need to combine it again in photo. I was using Krita + Gimp. Krita have an amazing feature to set a layer or group layer to influence only a specific channel. This would be perfect if Krita would know how to deal with alpha channel (long story, already talking to developers). So I export the combined RGB image, open in Gimp, add the last map to Alpha channel and export again. Done. I could do it in Blender as well using composite nodes, but I guess it would complicated if I needed some small editing as well. Oh, Photoshop I can just copy a layer, hide it and paste in the channel as if it was a layer as well. Pretty obvious and straight forward, btw. So the answer is: How can I accomplish this task in Affinity Photo? What kind of workflow would I follow here to edit channels independently? I think this and no game / texture presets, but mostly this is holding my buying back. Cheers.
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