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  1. Yes, I totally agree with you in that a couple of brushes is all you need, but I do like to have a few other ones up my sleeve for times when you need different effects so was hoping it would just be a simple transfer over. I have five brushes from Photoshop that I use everyday (even though i have a tonne of others sitting there that I never use!) and I'm so used to how they work I was hoping they would be a nice addition and make it easy at that start to work in a new program. They are all just simple bristle/gouache/pencil/crayon brushes so might be time to make some myself and break free of
  2. Hi, One of the reasons I thought I'd give Affinity Designer a shot is because of the ability to load .abr brushes. I've loaded a few sets that I use in Photoshop, but they don't maintain the same behaviour. They act like stamps. I can fiddle with the settings to make some of them kind of the same, but just wondering if anyone knows how to make .abr files behave the same in Affinity without having to go through and change everything on the brush to try to mimic the behaviour? Am i missing something? I am not sure what brushes everyone is using if they aren't using their .abr brushes
  3. Awesome! Just new to Designer so keen to build a nice library of brushes
  4. I'm just new to Affinity Designer and so far loving it, but I was really surprised today to discover there is no capability for setting up macros to speed up the processes I use. It's a feature I rely heavily on in Adobe. Would love to see this in a future update as I'm sure I'm not the only one who uses macros to speed up workflow.
  5. Thanks for letting me know so quickly - argh.....really love that feature in Adobe so this is a bit of a blow. Will add it as a suggestion which I am sure has been done before, but the more that ask, the more chance it might be in a future update
  6. Hi everyone, I'm just new to Affinity Designer and I am wondering if there is an ability to create macros (or actions as Adobe calls them)? I rely on these heavily in Photoshop and Ilustrator to speed up my workflow so not having them in Designer will really slow me down. Surely I can't be the only person to use these, but from looking around the forums and the web it seems Designer doesn't have them? Wanted to double check I hadn't missed something before adding this to the feature request. Thanks heaps!
  7. I second this - would be so much quicker to see the brush names
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