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  1. I've just been trying too get an offset of a path (dieline off a shape that's a few mm larger than the shape) and using the stroke-> expand stroke work around isn't great as extra nodes get added over the top of nodes creating issues with strange bumps and lumps and gets worse when trying to remove the extra nodes which then throws out the whole path shape. Can we or is there coming an "offset path" option coming such as there is in Illustrator? and a corresponding tidying of the nodes? And while I am here, will it be possible to reflect a shape around a moveable point as one can do with rotate? Using symbols to reflect about a particular origin seems to be an un-necessary amount of work to achieve something that should take a few seconds? Are either of those features set in the pipeline? Cheers
  2. Okay I've been noodling about with the Wacom driver and playing with the memory settings.. and here's what I found.. I got the to work pretty well in both vector and pixel mode... I got varying amounts of success with the other two - apart from Photo (beta) which works wonderfully.. Which leads me to believe that it may be more suggestive that Affinity isn't playing nice with my configuration including Fall Creators Update, current GPU driver, that my current CPU and installed memory and GPU may not be up to the task but doesn't really explain why Photo Beta works so well and the others not so much.. But I will say that initially Designer was working great in both vector and pixel mode.. then I started playing about in Designer Beta and Retail Photo getting pretty poor results.. then I went back to Retail Designer and started getting the same issues with the others.. I might try getting a mate to download the trials on his machine (much higher spec Desk Top) and hook the tablet up and see what happens there.. it's going to be a few months before my new desktop is built and ready fortunately/unfortunately due to work commitments I need to use illy and PS and the tablet works perfectly with those.. sigh... thanks for listening.
  3. Hi I'm back! I finally managed to make a video.. it was my first go at recording the screen and editing it down.. so I hope you get the gist.. The machine this is occurring on is a late 2014 HP Envy 17" i7 5500U/550 integrated gpu (which I've been using) there's no difference if I switch to the GTX - 8gb DDR3 Ram, 750gb 5400rpm hard drive with an nvidia GTX840M gpu laptop is connected to a 27" Dell 2k Monitor via HDMI I'd understand if the issue was application wide, but it's only the actual work area! as you can see from the video I can use and access the menus and tools.. as soon as it's the edge of the ruler and further in.. toast! Oh in the video the last one Photo Beta, while it appears choppy in the video it's working as it should - the screen recorder was sucking up a lot of ram! And as I mentioned earlier it's working fine over every other application and the OS.. Wacomstylusaffinityissues.mp4
  4. Yes it certainly is odd behavior - especially that I am getting the same issue with three apps and not a fourth plus everywhere else on the system works fine.. anyway yes I'll do my best to get a video made describing the behavior... be back in a day or two!
  5. Mark - Interesting.. yes I did as you suggested - completely removed the wacom driver and software, and reinstalled.. no dice with a caveat, Neither the current version of designer nor the current beta nor the current version of Photo HOWEVER the current Beta of Photo Does work properly as it should! go figure?? In the other three applications, the stylus works as it should in the tool areas ie vertical left, across the top and down the right hand side, but once it crosses into the paste board area, it sort of drops to like 1 frame a second in it's movement across that area.. bearing in mind that the stylus works perfectly across the Adobe software I use (Illustrator and Photoshop) as well as GIMP - is it possible that it's an issue generated from the Fall Creators Update?? Is anyone else with an Intuos Pro having similar issues?? Cheers
  6. Hi - I just installed the above beta, and found my wacom Intuos pro stopped working with it (same issue as the retail version) I tried uninstalling it and reverting back to the previous beta which worked (but now I really need that functionality) but the previous beta now won't work either.. my previous to current beta of Photo still works fine with the Wacom... disappointed.. Symptoms are - just extreme lag so extreme as to be totally unusable - when I tried the previous beta, 33.98 btw the curser was fine until I opened a new document.. I won't be updating Photo beta in the meantime. Cheers
  7. I'd be keen to see what the answer may be! I am having a similar issue in AD with good performance with mouse but very poor performance with Wacom Intuos Pro Large PE! Cheers!
  8. Hi I fixed my pressure sensitivity issue with the Draw Persona, however I am having bad performance issues with my Wacom (intos Pro Large Paper edition) and pixel based brushes! ... I had used it on the trial I previously used... and it worked perfectly then! since then my windows machine has upgraded to Fall Creators Update as well as running the latest 1.6.xx version.. it runs well enough using the mouse but the lag using the stylus is just unusable - The wacom works wonderfully in Photoshop CC2018 so either AD wants more resources from my system that it doesn't currently have OR AD just won't play nice with the current Wacom driver?? anybody got the same or similar issues? Cheers! P.S. Moderator feel free to let me know if this should be a new post... and/or posted elsewhere in the forums!