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  1. Hi - I've been a print designer for a long time and still do the occasional print piece.. I understand that Affinity/Serif don't plan to create an Acrobat competitor however the thought occurred to me that perhaps a prepress module could be incorporated to Publisher either as a persona or menu option? The only reason I still sub adobe is for Acrobat so that I can proof my print files. I also understand that there are prepress alternatives out there but they are industrial strength and are cost prohibitive! Would love to hear your thoughts.. Cheers
  2. Hi there, I created a multi artboard document within the most current version of Designer on Windows and the October Windows Update 1809 to an Epson SC-P405 There's an option to print document but when document option is set the display view shows that it's treated the all the artboards as one large piece and only wants to print a chunk the size of my selected paper output. Also the auto rotate doesn't appear to work, I can turn it off and set that manually. But the auto just no.. Please find attached screen shot of the dialog.. I could have printed each artboard separately but that's long and tedious, so I decided to check out the Publisher Beta and got the result I was expecting all behaved as expected. Anyone else had a similar issue? I'm presuming due to the work loads that these common task issues in Designer and Photo will be ironed out on the next Customer Beta or Retail release? Cheers
  3. Will that get rectified in later update/release??? master pages = good, no bleed output on master pages = not good.. Cheers
  4. I use Acrobat for professional Pre-press.. being able to check for correct separations and correct overprints, knockouts and trapping.. etc.. that's the functionality I am looking for.. Sam Neil: " Nitro PDF is the best one out there. We use it all the time. " does that have prepress capability??? Cheers..
  5. Perfect installation... first impressions of the bat.. VERY IMPRESSIVE!!! Very impressive indeed! Looks like everything that's needed (at least for my intended workflow is there!) I can't wait to buy it when the retail version is released!.. I totally love everything I've see so far!!!! awesome work guys! Just one thing that does come to mind if Affinity were to create a Pro - Prepress biased PDF tool then I'd be able to be completely rid of Adobe.. I have not found any other PDF tool that comes close to Acrobat.. Cheers guys!!!
  6. Hi I was wondering if there was any consideration of including object level overprint selection in the near future? I recently had to do some tricky overprint settings for a packaging project, and in the end I had to make copies of pantone colors one overprinted the other not and then apply the colors to the objects as requited.. unlike illustrator where you can set all the elements to the spot color then just apply overprint to the relevant elements, I hope that made sense. Cheers
  7. I could as a workaround until this bug is fixed, copy the exif data from the original file and paste it into the exported file using ACDSee Photo Professional 2018 (My Lightroom/RAW editing replacement) I realise that Photo does RAW editing but it appears to be a destructive action ie once you've developed the file you can't go back and edit RAW settings or have I missed something? Cheers... P.S. I haven't tried the copy/paste EXIF thing myself..
  8. Okay I am confused... I have a NIKON D3300 with a 24mpx sensor, when I open and develop the NEF raw file, and I check resize document, I get 6000 x 4000 (or weirdly lately 6016 x 4016) @ 300dpi.... If I go back into Resize document and uncheck resample and set it to 72dpi then export the file to jpeg, not changing the pixel size.. ie same 6000 x 4000px then open that jpeg document in Photo... and check Resize Document, it's still showing 300dpi when it should be 72? I have tested this by creating a 6016 x 4016 72dpi image and placing the previously created image into it and it fits and the information at top left says for placed image 6016 x 4016 @ 72dpi.. So is Photo incorrectly showing the resolution of the opened (not placed) 72dpi jpeg file? or have I missed something here? Thanks for any clarification.. Cheers
  9. DegasBrush

    EXIF file loss and DPI not holding after changing

    Oh.. .sorry my bad.. I'm having a game going the other way! my NEF file comes in at 300dpi and I'm trying to export to 72dpi I think I've opened myself a can of worms here!! LOL!
  10. DegasBrush

    EXIF file loss and DPI not holding after changing

    No no no I found it!! I found out what you need to do... Step 1. Open the RAW file to the develop module (it will do that automatically) Step 2. Edit the RAW file or just click on develop to Photo.. Step 3. Resize Document: Uncheck resample and select 72dpi and hit Okay.. Step 4. this is where the magic happens go to the layers palette and right click on the image and click on RASTERIZE.. Step 5. Export to Jpeg at current dimension or new dimension and save.. You should now have a 72dpi jpeg WITH EXIF... can you try that please?? Cheers!
  11. DegasBrush

    Crash When Using Pen Tool

    I'm glad I found this thread though not before creating my own about the same issue! What I did want to add was that in Designer I tried starting a new document at 72dpi with and without the artboard and simply took the pen took and added lines and nodes and in each case kept crashing at various numbers of nodes added.. in the project I'm trying to work on I had a couple of instances where the app crashed after adding only three or so new nodes!! I hope that helps further with fixing the issue.. Cheers
  12. DegasBrush

    Crashes and CPU spike using Pen tool

    ooops didn't see the other thread!!!... my bad for not searching or turning the page first... I also didn't mention that this issue still occurs in the current beta also... My issue is exactly as @tipforeveryone If you stop the video on the frame when the crash occurs you will see in the performance chart GPU is at 100%.. Good to see you're on this issue...
  13. I'm currently having two issues with Affinity Designer... Purchased copy The beginning scenario is this, I have 40 something mb Affinity Photo file placed into a designer document and I am attempting to trace the image with the pen tool (No auto trace tool yet) as I do this between every three to ten minutes the app just closes! and I have to reopen the app and my file each time to continue. ctrl-s is my friend! I ran it with task manager performance charts visible while working and noted that while idle CPU use is very low while this document is open, and memory is flat at 3gb.. (Installed is 8gb) and no other apps running on the system. However every time I place a node with the pen tool I noticed that the CPU spikes between 80 and almost 100%.. GPU use is low however at the moment of the app crashing/closing I noticed that the GPU spiked to 100%... It drives me nuts but for the time being I am tolerating it as it's a personal project and using Photoshop/illustrator is no longer an option. Is this a memory management issue buried deep in the code??? is anybody else having similar issues? I am happy to provide my file and screen shots of the performance graphs if required. Cheers... Machine specs as follows: Windows PC - OS - Windows 10 Pro 1803 build CPU - i3 8100 (Quad core Coffee Lake) Ram: 8gb DDR4 @ 2666Mhz GPU = Nvidia GTX 770 2gb Vram SSD - Samsung 960 Evo 500gb NVME
  14. DegasBrush

    EXIF file loss and DPI not holding after changing

    Hi there, just tested this... this is the fix ... Where you're going wrong is placing the raw file into a new document.. and that would eliminate the EXIF.. What you NEED to do.. is open the raw file directly in Photo... it will open directly in the Develop module, make any raw edits if needed and hit the develop button.. if you check the image specs through the Document menu (resize document) you will note that the image SHOULD be @ 300dpi and if you invoke the EXIF studio you will still find the exif info still present, then if you export that file to jpeg, it will export to a 300dpi jpeg with the exif in tact.. I assume that's what you're after! I hope that helps! Cheers!