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  1. Ahh sorry - I missed that you're trying to get a 1bit image out of Affinity into adobe apps.. obviously your use case differs to that I was trying to describe. It's a hard spot to be in when you're tied to that adobe software for the reasons you've previously given. But within an entirely Affinity workflow - it works. as long as you don't need to use PMS colors then you're a bit stuck...
  2. Actually - I have found a way - that's almost as efficient as 1bit bitmap as it works in illustrator, as long as you're using a RGB or CMYK process color spaces (this doesn't work with spot color (Yet??) Prepare your texture, signature whatever as a black and white image Place into Publisher or Designer document.. Go into Pixel Persona and make sure your black image is selected Go to the effects button at the bottom of the layers panel and select color overlay You can select from all the methods of color from the wheel to swatches Boom done, go back to Vector/Publisher personas and continue to work.. I've tested this and it works.. like I said above doesn't in spot color like we'd want it to but otherwise - no real need to round trip to PS etc.. So what REALLY needs to happen is that Serif need to make Spot colors able to available and useable within Color overlay which might be an easier path that trying to recode the graphics engine to deal with the one bit format itself.. Does that help anyone?? I can upload a file if needed. Cheers
  3. Are you guys or would you guys consider adding prepress tools into publisher such as those that are found in Acrobat?? Maybe folded into the document checking system? Ie a way to see what inks are being used especially spot and CMYK I'd assume there are the likes of t-shirt/textile printers that would like to be able to proof the separations either after creating a PDF or before.. thoughts??
  4. Yep!!!! reset the keyboard shortcuts - problem solved! thanks for giving my brain the nudge! LOL
  5. I have just installed the latest Customer Beta updates and found that the ascribed key combination to reset the page rotation (new feature?) doesn't work in Designer but DOES in Photo
  6. You're welcome! this thread made me think about that and it turned out to be quite a good idea/workaround to impliement! Cheers!
  7. Hi guys, yes having color/type control that you have in AI would be great! BUT.. you realise there is a work around that I tried today? Create a style for line weight and color.... even blend modes/opacity if you needed the guides to be somewhat transparent..then just set a new layer as a guides layer and use shapes and line tool for guides using snap to elements etc in the snapping settings... if anything that's probably a bit more flexible than the current way it is. One thing I did like about Illustrator was the ability to make shapes into actual guide objects. Anyway that was my thoughts.. Cheers
  8. Yep! I shouldn't have gotten too excited! Affinity (Designer, Photo or Publisher) won't output to PMS only CMYK Come on Affinity! this is needed! now back to your original programme. Addendum: you could still do it in a manual kind of way - as the color doesn't need to be specified in the file as long as the right bitmap image gets assigned the correct ink color and correctly registered it would work, but then that's taking the process back quite a few years! Thanks for listening...
  9. Hey guys I have discovered how to color images of either 1bit OR greyscale - YES!!!! you can create and export a 1 bit image from PHOTO!!! Take a color image say, and convert that to greyscale using Document/Convert format/ICC Profile then select Greyscale 8. Then apply a threshold if you're going for a 1 bit look. Go back up to Document/Convert Format/ICC profile and select the black and White ICC profile. Either save the image as aphoto or export to grey8 Tiff image. Bring that image into Designer Select the image in the layers palette and select the layer effects button Select color overlay - make sure you set the blend mode to screen in either case, you can select from all the different color selectors including the swatches palettes. It works I tell ya I'm very sure it works! Screen Printers/T-Shirt guys you could specify pantone colors for seps and have that work for screen. Let me know what you think!???? Cheers PhotosepTest.afdesign
  10. Hi there, I can't wait for the full retail version of Publisher, will be putting in my pre-order (I know it's close) in the next couple of days! But I'd like to know if there's any chance anyone has thought about adding either a prepress plug-in or Persona to fully press check documents as you can in Adobe Acrobat DC Pro? For example check that spot ink or CMYK separations and rasterisations are correct as required for the print destination.. Acrobat has remained as my only tether to Adobe, it would be nice to be completely free at some point in the future! Anyone else think this? Thanks for listening... Cheers Kind Regards Piers Le Sueur
  11. Awesome! thanks for that!!! I look forward to that! Keep up the good work!
  12. I was going to enter a new topic... ARTBOARDS: on top of the lack of visible bleeds, I have found that Designer Beta won't output spot color when the document is set up using art boards! I want to be able to have multiple boards and be able to use the pasteboard (areas outside of the art board itself) ad be able to output spot colors. Works perfectly fine as a one canvas (non art board document) NOTE: I have found that Publisher works a lot better in these areas, will these things get tidied up for designer? or is your intention for Publisher to become the central application with Photo and Designer feeding to that, much as the Adobe trio of InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator? Cheers
  13. Hi - I've been a print designer for a long time and still do the occasional print piece.. I understand that Affinity/Serif don't plan to create an Acrobat competitor however the thought occurred to me that perhaps a prepress module could be incorporated to Publisher either as a persona or menu option? The only reason I still sub adobe is for Acrobat so that I can proof my print files. I also understand that there are prepress alternatives out there but they are industrial strength and are cost prohibitive! Would love to hear your thoughts.. Cheers
  14. Will that get rectified in later update/release??? master pages = good, no bleed output on master pages = not good.. Cheers
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