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  1. How did you create the coloring of the flag? Did you use a gradiant for this? Perhaps these settings got mixed up when creating the intersection.
  2. When content is created by others, licenses need to be respected. But there is no difference between sharing brushes that need to be imported and the whole brush library. If a license is broken, it is broken either way. Coming back to the original topic: sharing of assets. The assets I use, are logos and design elements created in respect to our corporate design. There are no license problems whatsoever regarding these and it would be a great benefit for small design teams, if such assets could be shared. Creating junctions is a nice idea for a workaround - I will give this a try.
  3. While I see the benefits of a Affinity-own cloud system, I currently don't see the possibility for them to develop the whole server-side structure as well as a sync client for multiple platforms. I would also say, that in a world with endless options for cloud services and every company relying on their own preset, creating another one would not create much benefit. Therefore I suggested to "just" let us specify a path to an external asset/palette/brush/whatever library location without the hassle of an own cloud. This way even local network paths would be an option without needing to sync over the internet.
  4. Would also be a great thing for small teams to share assets. Easiest solution would be setting a path in the preferences to point to the external asset storage location. This way the user could either choose a cloud synced folder (via dropbox, onedrive, gdrive, ...) or an external hard drive. Only thing to keep in mind would be Affinity Designer checking the file version of the asset file when accessing the assets panel.
  5. While working on this problem, please also check the print options: Bleeds on artboards are not printed even though the option "print bleeds" is checked in the printing dialog. If there is no artboard created, the bleeds are printed without any problem. So both problems (display and printing of bleed on artboards) seem to be linked.
  6. I've been drawing with my Surface Book and my Surface Pen today and had a great time - except the modifier keys where not available. Then the idea came up, if it would be possible to get on-screen modifier buttons for Alt, Shift and Control. For a full featured experience, a "tablet mode" with a resized toolbar would be great, too.
  7. s.auler

    Call for Camera Images

    Have you seen https://raw.pixls.us/ ? They offer about 900 DNG, JPG and RAW files for free use at a CC0 (Public Domain, no rights reserved, even for commercial use, https://creativecommons.org/share-your-work/public-domain/cc0/). Just found them myself and thought of this thread...