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  1. I would be nice to have a set of filters like the ones in the "Distort and Transform" category in Illustrator. The Transform filter is super useful, Zig Zag, Twist and Roughen... Also the filters in the "Path" category: Offset path, Outline object, Outline stroke. Thanks
  2. I wonder why is the blend tool so difficult to implement. Most of us want it. I've been waiting long, but sadly not in designer yet.
  3. Please implement a free form gradient tool like the one in Illustrator, with custom located color stops
  4. Wrap and mesh deformers please. I recently had to work on a project with deformations of a base graphic. Unfortunately I had to do it in Illustrator when I realized Affinity Designer does not have any. Please implement warp and mesh deformers.
  5. I would like to see optical kerning implemented in the next version. It would save a lot of work and most of the time it is much more pleasing to read.
  6. It would be nice to be able to assign different stroke widths and colors to different segments of a stroke. By segments I mean the space connecting 2 points. Similar to what you can do with the borders of a table cell.
  7. I am really happy with the new appearance panel and the possibility to have numerous fills and strokes for a single shape. Could we also get a transform effect that can be applied to each fill or stroke. It does not need to be an effect, but the possibility to transform each fill and stroke independently from the others. Equally useful would be the possibility to apply different effects to different fills and strokes
  8. For fills there are linear, circular, conical etc gradients. It will be nice if we could add spline nodes to the spine of a linear gradient to be able to build curved gradients. This will be much better than the Illustrator meshes. Not sure this is possible. Just a suggestion.
  9. Thank you all!! I tried Fusion. It is very powerful but with a long learning curve. I was also hoping to find motion graphics software in which I could also use many if not all the plugins I have for AE.
  10. I would like to purchase Affinity Designer for iPad now with the Black Friday discount. I do not have a compatible iPad yet. It may take a week or 2 to get it. To my surprise Apple does not let you buy the App without the iPad. In the past you could buy apps on the desktop iTunes and copy them to your iOS devices later on. Is there any other way to buy Affinity Designer for iPad other than the Apple Store?
  11. It would be awesome to have a blend tool as well as a 3D tool. I used them frequently in Illustrator.
  12. Do you have any plans to create an alternative software to Adobe After Effects? There are no real options yet out there that are as powerful as After Effects. Now that you have Photo, Designer and Publisher, an After Effects alternative is all I need to completely forget Adobe.
  13. I just downloaded Publisher beta and reproduced a couple of InDesign CS6 files containing tables. So far I love Publisher. You have done an amazing work at making it much more intuitive than InDesign. The first thing I missed though was GREP (find) and GREP styles. These are essential if you are designing a book, brochure of manual. In agreement with everyone in this thread, please add GREP to Publisher. Looking forward to replace InDesign.
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