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  1. I know we can apply gradients to strokes, but I am asking about gradients that follow the stroke path like in Illustrator, both along or across the stroke.
  2. I would like to make dash lines with variable width along the stroke. The pressure option is not available for dash strokes, only for solid or brush strokes. I tried to set the pressure on the solid option and then switch to dash, but I do not get dashes unless I remove the pressure on the solid option. Is there a way to do dash lines with variable width? If not that would be a nice feature to add for future versions. Thank you.
  3. Sure there are always workarounds. But they require more work and time than simply pulling from a control handle on the donut tool.
  4. Adding control points to the donut tool so that it is possible to create an open circle with one of its ends having a triangular shape (arrow)
  5. Thank you! I did not know the gradient tool was much more useful than the dialog box. I am used to the large Illustrator gradient dialog box where you can delete end stops or swap them with other stops. Since this is so basic I thought AD would be similar.
  6. When filling a shape with a gradient and creating other color stops, sometimes I would like to delete the default end white/black stop, but the delete key is grayed out. I can delete the middle stops, but not the end ones. This must be a bug. Or I am missing something I do not know? I also tried to change the color using the color picker of the gradient dialog box, but it does not do anything.
  7. Is there a way to apply non destructive filters in Affinity Photo? I very much miss smart objects and smart filters from Photoshop. Apply a filter, later on you decide it is too much or too little and can make as many corrections as you wish because it is non destructive.
  8. I would be nice to have a set of filters like the ones in the "Distort and Transform" category in Illustrator. The Transform filter is super useful, Zig Zag, Twist and Roughen... Also the filters in the "Path" category: Offset path, Outline object, Outline stroke. Thanks
  9. I wonder why is the blend tool so difficult to implement. Most of us want it. I've been waiting long, but sadly not in designer yet.
  10. Please implement a free form gradient tool like the one in Illustrator, with custom located color stops
  11. Wrap and mesh deformers please. I recently had to work on a project with deformations of a base graphic. Unfortunately I had to do it in Illustrator when I realized Affinity Designer does not have any. Please implement warp and mesh deformers.
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