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  1. My partner is running Windows in that way, so I'd thought of that; I've also thought of keeping an old machine around to dedicate to CS6 apps, as I once did for OS9. But those are stopgap measures even if the gap is a couple of years0. I'll look at Quark again (switched to indd back in the 1990s), and consider sticking with Indd via subscription. But I'd rather support someone other than Adobe.
  2. You can open the PDF, it looks ok and and you can edit the text, but the ex-indd high res PDF I opened in Publisher opened at the wrong size: pages c. 50mmx70mm instead of 210mmx297mm, and I can't find a way to correct that.
  3. aizome

    pdf import

    I've just opened a couple of 'press quality' PDFs generated in Indd. Congrats on the quality of the import - the editable text is where it should be, which is helpful if I'm trying to recreate the indd document. But the file resolution is way too low: specifying an import resolution of 300dpi (as for images) yields pages c. 50mm x 70mm instead of 210 x 297 (UK A4 paper). How do I tell Publisher the document should be high resolution?
  4. Just to say that I'm another possible Publisher user with 20+ years of Indesign legacy files (currently using CS6), most important of which is an academic journal. Every printer I deal with works from PDF now so I don't need an idml-compatible export, but I really, really don't want to have to re-create all those documents. I note the possibility of import from PDF, but the next big MacOS upgrade will break the CS6 apps (are you seeing increased interest recently?) so I won't be able to go back to CS6 to create a PDF for import in a couple of years.

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