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  1. Hi there, I have a similar crash problem with text flow in Publisher 1.9.2 I've created 4 text boxes on an A4 page and when I click the triangle/arrow to link first box to the second, publisher immediately crashes when clicking on second box. The crash has repeated 4 times, even after a computer restart. I did eventually find that the crash only occurred when the text box contained text, if the box is empty then no crash occurs.
  2. Fingers crossed this one is on its way @BJP it seams like an easy one to implement.
  3. Oh wow! Fantastic news Thanks for your reply @walt.farrell
  4. Oh boy I'm glad I found this chat! Those pink lines have been bugging the S*** out of me 😂 Makes it very hard to preview document, I was resorting to flicking to export persona for a preview hahah Maybe this should be turned off by default.
  5. I'd like to see the ability to add the properties of strokes to "Styles" For example I use a variety of black dashed strokes in my work and there's usually 3~4 presets I like to work with. To speed things up I would like to be able to add these presets to my styles panel, but.... It appears that because the strokes have no "Fill" colour, only a stroke colour, they cannot be added as a Style?? Why is the stroke width, colour and appearance without a "fill" colour not considered a style?? Seams odd?? My second thought was to use the eyedropper to copy the stroke appearance to other shapes.... But as we all know this tool only works with colour? Stuck again.... Any feedback appreciated 🙂 Fingers crossed for this in the future.
  6. +1 for something similar to Adobe blend tool.
  7. +1 this feature is a must for me too. I also use Designer largely for “making” purposes and laser cutting and knowing lengths etc is a must. Designer does provide measurements of straight line, it just can’t measure curves yet.
  8. +1 for a shape dimensions dialogue feature.
  9. Thanks @MEB @Alfred A feature to look forward to 👍🏻
  10. Perhaps off topic.... but I have a simple question about the shape tools. If I want to draw an exact size shape, say a 5x5mm square, is there a way of bringing up a window to enter measurements similar to Ai when I click once on page?? Or is the only way to draw out a shape and edit the size in the Transform panel?? Thanks
  11. Thanks for your help @StuartRc Yes you’re correct the Intensity brush does make it visible in the “edit brush” window... but now the brushes colours are inverted and it has a frame around it?? hmm? Stuck
  12. I have an issue when creating my own raster brush... Ive exporting the brush design as a PNG with transparent background, imported back into AD and created a new brush. This all works fine and the brush works as expected.... but when I enter the “properties” menu I cannot see the brush displayed in the preview window because my brush design is black and the background of preview is also black. I’m I doing something wrong? Does anyone else have this issue? Is there a way around this? cheers
  13. +1 for this feature. I use Designer for fashion work and I have a selection of buttons and other trims set up as symbols.... the ability in Ai to quickly change and swap out a button across the entire document is a real time saver. Hope to see this ability in Designer. Also the ability to edit a symbol and have that symbol update across the document is a great feature. Fingers crossed 🤞🏻
  14. +1 for symbol replacement. I’d also like to see the ability to edit symbols so I can make a change that will update across my document.
  15. +1 for this feature - adding password protection when exporting PDF from publisher.
  16. Amazing! Thank you @greyscale Another question for you... do you then export 1 artboard at a time using file/export? Or do you use the export persona to export all artboards?? Also since were both doing similar work (garment patterns) I thought I’d ask you this question... The only thing missing from AF when drafting a pattern is the ability to measure curves. Do you have a work around for this? What do you do? Many Thanks 😊
  17. I have this exact same problem..... I've done what you mentioned above @greyscale , dragging the object above all the artboards so it appears across them all. But... as soon as I move the object it immediately snaps to and groups with just 1 artboard (so once again I cant see it across them all). Do you have this problem? Is there a way around this?
  18. I'm curious to know if any university or education institute is using the Affinity suite?? I teach Ai and iD at a University in Taiwan, have been using the software for last 20 years but I'm truly fed up with Adobe's subscription system. I'm would switch my classes to the Affinity suite in a heartbeat but not sure the University will agree to the change with Adobe being industry standard. I guess I'm just curious if anyone has had experience in convincing their University to switch and if they're familiar with Affinity's education plans?? Affinity should seriously consider getting into the education sector... without being crude it's the best way to lock in future customers and convert users from Adobe... in my experience once a student has learnt a software package they stick with what they known.
  19. 100% agree! Im not gona moan cos I think Affinity are doing an excellent job... forced myself to use publisher this week instead of ID and I’m so in love!!!! The workflow, the simplicity, the modern design, the uncluttered feel. Affinity will be my future for sure. As soon as Vector Pattern Fills, Vector Brushes and a measuring tool that does curves (come on this one is so friggin simple) become available You can sign me up for life and I’ll boot Adobe out the door!
  20. @dominik just informing others who are requesting this feature as it may be helpful to them. Sadly this feature in AP is not useful to me and others wanting vector patterns. Yes I’m aware of the data merge function but honestly it’s complicated, not user friendly and lacks features. Appreciate your constructive discussion. cheers
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