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  1. I gave up on the Affinity suite about a year ago when I realised the features that are essential to me like vector patterns, vector brushes, a friggin measuring tool and others were not coming any time soon. I got excited when I heard V2 was coming, expecting that at least 1 of my desired features would finally come… yet there is nothing, out of my 6 wanted features none of them came in V2. Gutted Already wasted enough money buying V1.9 won’t pay for V2 or any version until basic features become available…. I’m sticking with Adobe and not sure I can bothered making a transition again after my horrific 1.9 experience. It really is a shame because I love the product, publisher is incredible… it shits all over indesign. Designer has a lot of features I love and Photo is great too. Guess we’ll see how V3 turns out another decade from now.
  2. Is Affinity even being developed anymore?? I jumped into this software on V1.9 and at the time it seamed like it was a steamroller, highly promoted and all over social media, thought I was into a good thing and in the coming years I would see all the updates/features I needed…. But since then I feel like it’s been abandoned? Is it just me??
  3. No... My other conundrum is that I teach Adobe iD and Ai at a University and over the past year whilst I dabbled in Affinity I was finding my myself getting out of touch with Adobe during my teaching... forgetting menus and shortcuts etc., also made grading student work a little tricky. So really it makes sense to go back. I just hope Affinity is actually listening to all the banter here and paying attention... cos I'll come straight back if Designer gets up to speed.
  4. For better or worse, after 1 year on Affinity I've jumped back on the Adobe ship this week, mainly because I need to do a bunch of vector pattern creation and some vector brushes too and image trace would be handy. In the process I've realised 2 things.... 1. I loooooove Affinity Publisher, it seriously walks all over InDesign and this alone keeps one of my feet in Affinity camp. I also love Affinity Photo, in particular the nondestructive workflow. 2. I still looooove Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer has yet to win my heart with a long way to go till it compares (vector patterns, brushes, image trace, a frigin curve measuring tool, better dashed line adjustment) and because vector drawing is my main focus this has sadly moved me back to Adobe, price and all. I'll see how this pans out for another year and I might also toy with the idea of continuing to use Apub and Aphoto and just replacing Ades with Ai, though I'd prefer to stay in one suite. Will be watching from the other side for a while, maybe Designer version 2.0 will bring some joy.
  5. The article states… “As with the first-generation Corolla, the second-generation model featured a whole host of up-to-date technologies that were usually only found on more expensive models. Some of these features included an AM/FM stereo, windscreen washers and air conditioning.” So the second generation Corolla had air conditioning… that’s coincidental… Let’s hope that Affinity follows Toyota and brings the essentials in 2.0
  6. Champagne holder and platinum rims… that’s Adobe… nope, I thought I was buying a Toyota Corolla, the car that does everything you expect it to.
  7. So you’re saying that Affinity is the equivalent standard of a Toyota Yaris!! Boy… I thought this was professional software not a domestic shopping trolley. Guess I bought the wrong car.
  8. Name 1 car on the market today that doesn’t have air conditioning!!??
  9. Your point perfectly describes the opposite….. I would say that literally EVERYONE buys a car Expecting fundamental features like air conditioning and buys that car without checking for those features, Why would you in 2021 check for air conditioning??
  10. Pretty sad that people are so unsatisfied with AD that this thread has essentially turned into a sales platform for VS.
  11. I must say it looks fantastic! With a lot more functionality over AD. Thanks for sharing. The Ui looks a little cleaner and clearer too, nice! But I don't really want to fork out more money to support my Affinity suite when I might just return to Adobe anyway. If vectorstyler offered a complete suite I might think about it more. Got my fingers crossed for Affinity 2.0.... unless I give up before then.
  12. +1 for this whole situation!!!!! I went all in on Affinity about a year ago and bought the whole suite with the plan of never opening any Adobe product again. Affinity is fantastic... I really like the way they implement the design of their tools and the push to do things differently from how Adobe do it. The software works fantastic and doesn't feel bloated, it's smooth with great UI, Publisher is outstanding and truly walks over InDesign! Generally I'm super satisfied, happy and more than willing to put up with small problems and quirks being that's a younger product than adobe and I don't mind putting up with collaboration issues of using a product than no one else does. But.... I'm very very very close to binning Affinity and going back to Adobe and it's all down to missing features in Designer. Particularly the ability to create Vector Pattern Fills and Vector Brushes and some basic CAD functionality like the ability to measure a curve, these are essential tools for my work and I would have thought they were all basic functions that are expected in a 2021 vector product. I foolishly thought these things might come during the past year and that I could put up without them till then, but the more I dig into these forums the more I realise I could be waiting forever. Even Inkscape is mostly capable of these things! Maybe version 2.0 will bring some joy in this area... but in the mean time I sadly don't want to invest more time in Affinity when Designer feels like a forgotten product. I truly am torn because 99% of Affinity is excellent but that 1% is a deal breaker for me. 😞
  13. Is there a way to edit a clipping mask in Designer without releasing it?? In Ai I am able to double click on a clipping mask and enter "isolation mode" which gives me the ability to see all contained elements and edit them. I know that I'm able access objects by double clicking them with move tool or finding them in the layers panel... but sometimes I want to be able to see all masked objects so I can make decisions on how edit them, but also not release mask and later have to remask. Does anyone have a solution here or feel the same as I do that we need a way to enter inside a mask?? Thanks all
  14. 100% with you @Wosven I would love to see this function implemented into designer. It would make life much easier and vastly improve workflow! Very nice diagram and explanation 🙂 thank you A related problem I have is that once you apply a style to an object there's no way of knowing what style is being used? In Ai the style always highlights when an object is selected. Surprised there's not more requests for this feature.
  15. @HorsefleshPDF protection is exactly what this thread is about.
  16. @Alfred Taiwan. Yeah it's just after midnight, has ticked over to Friday 13th
  17. I'm sure you're right @walt.farrell in that it's easy to crack. I teach at a university and I produce all my own instructional notes and handouts that I give to students. I like to put a "can't edit / copy" lock on these docs so students can't easily copy all my work. As you said it's not full proof but works for 90% of them.
  18. Fantastic! I’ll give this a try… thanks for sharing. I’d like to see this feature in Affinity some time.
  19. Haven’t had any problems myself. Maybe delete app and do a fresh install.
  20. Sorry I added an amendment to above comment, maybe you didnt see. If I rasterize and trim whole image, including mask then the ghost edge disappears... but sadly this is "destructive".
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