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  1. CKC Studios

    Crop Issue

    Thanks MEB, Yes that is what I have been doing. Right click and choose edit with Affinity Photo and that works fine. Was just hoping to get my drag and drop back. Thanks again.
  2. CKC Studios

    Crop Issue

    Hello Chris B When I drag and drop a picture from my Photos app over to Affinity on my iMac I get a notification in the top right corner saying "Photo Exported with Lower Image Quality" "Export to disk to maintain full image quality" I never had this problem before but as of about one year ago just after a OS update it stopped working. When I do it and ignore the notification the picture is such terrible quality it is completely unusable.
  3. CKC Studios

    Absolute size crop not working

    I am also having a problem with cropping. When I crop my photo quality turns terrible and very pixelated. All I am doing is cropping a photo that was taken in portrait and cropping to Instagram spec. so just a little off the top and bottom. Photo looks like I have zoomed in 1000% and have massive pixels!!! Need to figure this out asap to finish a project for a client. Never had this problem before.
  4. CKC Studios

    Crop Issue

    Anytime I crop even when not actually cropping in just cutting off a little form the top and bottom for Instagram it degrades and pixelates my photo horribly. I have also lost my ability to drag and drop a picture from photos right into Affinity.