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[Implemented] Data merge

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I don't see the need for data merge. - What's the problem with manually cutting and pasting half a dozen fields from a database into four or five hundred individual documents! :47_tired_face:

(Which is what I need to do for personalised menus for a staff party.) I've got nothing better to do than sit typing for several hours, rather than just hitting a few buttons!

But, seriously, this really is an essential feature for a lot of people, for many projects. PLEASE implement it sooner rather than later.

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Data Merge, as InDesign does it at least, is utter rubbish. If you want to implement some sort of batch data import & formatting then look into InDesign's XML importer and Structure panel instead. It's more complicated but infinitely better. And Affinity can "easily" one-up Adobe on this by simply supporting XML and also JSON import. JSON is being used a lot more than XML these days (for the best and for the worse), so supporting it is a big competitive advantage.

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Another +1 for this feature.

Really if Publisher is going to have people switch from Indesign they pretty much need to have all same functionality of Indesign. No way would I shift to Publisher from Indesign (99% of my work is done in Indesign) only to not be able to do the things I could simply do in Indesign. 

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Another vote from me on this. I produce a monthly magazine that goes to members. The magazine needs to be able to tell individuals their financial status and what work they are required to do in the future.

The Beta is performing better than expected.

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13 hours ago, wonderings said:

Really if Publisher is going to have people switch from Indesign they pretty much need to have all same functionality of Indesign. 

I don't believe this is a realistic goal. Affinity Publisher is not aiming at getting EVERYONE to switch from Indesign. They are quite many low hanging fruits to focus on with people doing much simpler things, that could do with a simpler tool that get them all the way they need and in a more enjoyable way.

Nevertheless, data merge specifically, would be really useful. 

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I was pretty disappointed from the ability of InDesign to use XML as data source. It can't use attributes it pastes every element in the same order it is defined in the xml.

But I'm sure that if you create this feature, it will be pretty good and designed from scratch with many thoughts to it.


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