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  1. @Old Bruce sadly the check for Tracking or kerning is not possible, because this is a placed Illustrator-File which we cannot modify. In this case a fuction like passthrough-pdf is needed - or a better handling of imported graphics, which is IMHO the better option. @PeterB. i´m on the road, later this evening I will drop some files here.
  2. Hi! In Publisher beta appears a issue with a placed Illustrator-File. This is the logo like it should look and this is the picture as it shows (and export) in AFP Sadly there is no errorreport on placing this file. The used font (Myriad Pro Regular) is loaded and active. If necessary, dataupload to developers is possible - please request. Best regards, Martin
  3. Hi! From one specific customer we got some pictures (tif with RGB 64 float samples) - if we try to open them in AP 1.9.2, AP chrashes without any reaction. If needed, I can provide one of this pictures. BG, Martin
  4. For sure, but this should demonstrate "my" issue. We often have to place some advertisments on a coloured or patternd background. Therefore, the placed pdf must have a white background. So we have to do your workaround about 20 to 80 times in each newspaper. Thats annoying. Another little thing why I cant cancel my RedA-subscription. 😞
  5. now I´m sad 😥 - that is some extrawork in these fast-moving times. this background-feature is a often needed feature in creating newspaper-layouts
  6. Thank you @walt.farrell for this hint, but its not 100% working. See the screenshot, its working for the border - but sadly not for the background. It seems that the PDF keeps it transparencys. In the sample there is a shadow applied. Only the box should drop a shadow, not the elements inside the picturebox.
  7. Hi! Isnt it possible to give a placed PDF-file a border and/or a background in Publisher I have to do a workaround by droping a (white) rectangle behind the placed PDF. But this is very timeconsuming and not handy. Choosing a border and a backgroundcolor on the marked PDF-box is not working. Nothing is happen. Thanks for any hints. Martin
  8. Usage of ADesigner 1.9.1 I want to export a CMYK-File and I want that the exported PDF contains a spotcolor. I tried several possibilities - but the goal is not reached. The exported PDF contains no spotcolor, the export is converted to CMYK. Here are some pictures: I choosed the spotcolor for this circle I choosed "honor spotcolors" in the exportsettings Here is the result, shown in Adobe Acrobat in the Preview-Panel: there is no spotcolor. The colorvalue of CMYK displayed by PitStop.
  9. Thank you for the explanation! Now I can at least understand what the thoughts were for the function and it makes really sense. Nevertheless, handles that scale both at the same time would be like Christmas and Easter on the same day. 😍
  10. thank you @Wikkiwhite for this tip - its useful! But not the hoped-for solution so that you can scale the object from all sides.
  11. Hm - multiple layers? Can you please describe in short words to to grab multiple layers?
  12. I use the frame text. I've just noticed the second handle on the bottom right corner. With this I can also scale the content. But I find that very limiting. Is there also a way to scale the content using the other handles? Thanks for any advice!
  13. Hi! How can I scale text boxes together with their contents (ADesinger and APublisher)? When I scale using the handles, only the box scales - the font remains as large or small as it is. Thanks for answers!
  14. Upload is done. Thank you for working on this thing.
  15. If you have many pages in one document and you want to start the pagination at a high number, there is a fault in the pagination if you use the thousend-seperator. without the point, all is well. A error message on using a point would be nice. This can save money 😯
  16. For a better review on which document is exactly on screen, there should be a broader "Status"-field on the top. The existing solution doesnt expand on its possible maximum. Besides it should have a "reveal in finder"-function like in many other apps. If you right.click on the file, there should dropdown a locationlist or show a contextmenue link downwards:
  17. There are a lot of unsupported or buggy keyboard-features in all Affinty-desktop-applications. For example here in the actual Publisher RC3. A very annoying bug, is the support of TAB and SHIFT+TAB (for jumping back) in the transformation-palette. You are able to jump forward in this section, but you are not able to jump backwards by using SHIFT-TAB. Another one: In the Glyph-Palette (Positioning and transformation) you only can jump through the fields within a column, if you want to change values in the other column, you have to use the mouse to
  18. Same issue here, thought that I had a bad file - but now its clear. MacMini M1/BigSur 11.2.2 Regards, Martin
  19. Here I request a much needed feature: If a value is entered in the Transform palette and the ALT key is also held down when the ENTER key is pressed, then the selected element should be copied and offset by the entered value. The same applies to arithmetic operations. I need this feature countless times a day (in ADesigner, APhoto, APublisher). The screenshot may explain more.
  20. We have to place a unique number on every single page. To do this, we use the pagenumber-feature. We place content on the masterpage, than we add a textfield and put the automatic pagenumber Text-->Insert->Fields->Pagenumber on this masterpage. Then we have to make a document with X pages and ready is our numbered document (Page-Palette, right mousebutton, Add pages (see attached screenshot)). Therefore adding only 1.000 pages is too less. This workflow is often used for tickets, startnumbers, forms, certificates etc.
  21. On AP its not possible, to add more than 1.000 pages at once. Maybe this is a general restriction - often we are needing documents with 7.500 (numbered) pages. So we heve to do this in 7 steps. It would be nice, if we can add 9999 pages at once.
  22. Im using and I tried do import an IDML. Importfunction is working, but the result is poor. The document contains a table on a masterpage, this table is wrong - its very small. Shown in the upper left, under the words "Fahrer Monatsübersicht" I had used this IDML-File in a previous version of AP and the result was very good:
  23. Hi @gabe! I am also sorry for the late reply. I tried to replicate this in (beta) - the error is gone.
  24. As Old Bruce mentioned, the standard is Shift + Command + Down Arrow. Its my fault, sorry for that wrong combination. The same or similar effect appears, if you press Command+A (for selecting "all"). If the selection reaches over two or more pages, only the "active" page shows the selected characters. All charcters on all pages are selected, but thats not visible. Its onyl visible on the current page.
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