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  1. Calibinder

    Data merge

    1+ for data merge and 1+ I will be staying with PagePlus also until data merge is put back. I hope that when data merge is put back that we don't have to completely regenerate the documents every time but instead do a refresh. I'm also available for hire if Serif would like to bring me on to help develop the data merge, definitely would like to help. Thank You
  2. Calibinder

    Data merge

    Thank you so much for posting this, I didn't know Scribus became so advanced. I need mail merge like a fish needs water because my clients have access to their product databases and changed things like prices all the time so having a program that can bring this new updated data back into the catalogs I design is absolutely a must. I so like the idea that ScribusGenerator can use dynamic colors and on the same document giving my clients more options for custom designs. I still use PagePlus for everything and I haven't found anything that is as fast and intuitive. PagePlus is still a big money maker for me, and I will use it until it will absolutely not run anymore on Windows, unless something else comes out that does all it can do and more. I like the recent update Affinity Publisher picture resizing in the picture frame but still feel it falls short that you can't just click on the picture frame and select a color in the color picker and have it affect the picture like it did in PagePlus. You have to drill down in the layers pallet click the picture and then color it from there. There might be a reason for this that I need to explore. Have a very blessed day.
  3. Calibinder

    Data merge

    Yes +1 Many companies have products online and also want a paper catalog as well so being able to export that online product database to a CSV for XML and then use that in a page layout program like Affinity Publisher is a must. The biggest problem I had was that the client would spend all night changing prices and I could not easily update the catalog without re generating the pages using mail merge in PagePlus. It would be nice to be able to just re export and download my clients product database to a XML file and then open Affinity Publisher and all the prices and whatever else was changed be refreshed to the new values. Indesign does this all the way, PagePlus does it half way. It's not a convoluted process, it's the future of the ways things are done today.
  4. Hello, I'm having a sporadic problem, it seems to be a color profile problem with the HD3000 graphic card, I have a mid 2011 Mac mini running High Sierra I was able to drag and drop images from the desktop into Publisher while using a HP monitor and also drag images into existing picture frames to replace the image already there. When I shutdown and connected a Samsung 32" monitor this function in Affinity Publisher does not work, so I switched the color profile in the Mac Preferences to use the Generic RGB and then the drag and drop image replacement worked for a while. When it stops working there is no green icon with the plus mark showing that you can drop the image, also the pinkish highlight does not show on the picture frame indicating that the image can be dropped into the picture frame. Is this a bug, is there anything I can do to fix it? Update: A little progress: Changed Mac Pref's to use "Generic RGB Profile" Close Affinity Publisher and re-launched Made a new document with settings Color Format: RGB/16 and Color Profile: Generic RGB Profile Drag image from desktop into new document and convert it to Picture Frame Drag new image onto Picture Frame and see the Picture Frame highlight and drop image and the image changes. As long as images are dragged from the desktop or the Mac finder window the functions to import a image or replace a image works, but as soon as you try to drag a image from a webpage Affinity Publisher stops being able to accept images from anywhere and you have to close Affinity Publisher and re open to get the drag and drop to work. So the only way as of now is to drag the image from the stock photo website to the desktop and then from the desktop to Affinity Photo, this feature worked awesome in PagePlus for making quick mockups for clients and allows me to change images on the fly from the photo website, it is a very sophisticated feature that just increase productivity in so many ways. Thank You
  5. Hello, I have been using the the beta on pc and mac. IMO Affinity Publisher needs to have all the features of PagePlus, not the UI but the features we have some to love about Serif Software.. Thanks for adding colorize images Being able to drag and drop images from desktop and webpages ie: Image stock websites, is a huge plus and replace images already in the design this way, we don't have time to re-import re-size restyle, thanks. Replacing images in existing picture frames by drag and drop does not work on the Mac version of Affinity Publisher Beta, please fix. I'm not really liking not being able to place objects off the page is there a setting to turn off the gray layer on the art-board? Thank you
  6. Calibinder

    Data merge

    Yes another vote for data merge and let's do it right with also being able to link to a XML file. Why? Online web product catalog that could be exported as a XML file, Indesign had something like this but I gave up on Adobe. I produced many catalogs in PagePlus using the data merge but it got tedious re-importing csv files to make price changes. And as my graphic design brethren on this forum know the client is going to make changes all the way up until the final final draft that goes to print and even sometimes after the files have been sent to the printer, so we as graphic designers need software that allows us to make refreshes instantly. So I begged and pleaded to deaf ears at Serif to add linked XML support so that all I would need to do is re generate a XML file from the website database and then refresh the linked resource in PagePlus. So moral of the story I stopped making catalogs which was going pretty good and I wanted to expanded it. Thank You
  7. Thank you for this in-valuable feature, Adobe Illustrator has this and it is a feature I use all the time. And thank you for the duplicate function, I hold the Alt Key and drag out a duplicate and then press Ctrl + J to make perfectly spaced copies, I use this all the time for patterns and CAD drawings. You guys are nailing it. Thank you again. Warren

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