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  1. Perfect Walt, his is the best solution. In fact - if I understand correctly - the "linked modification" fix the master pages. Thanks again 🙂
  2. Thanks Walt, I solved it thanks to your help which was invaluable! I'll have to sort out nearly a hundred pages manually but at least now it works. However, it is not clear to me why the program behaved like this! I don't think I have made any mistakes, I am quite familiar with InDesign, it is certainly a "bug" of the program itself. Thanks again 🙂
  3. Thanks Andreas for your reply, but I notice that I can't move the master pages down! I have been working on a 240 page book for months and have had other unexplained problems with the AP that I have fortunately solved. If I open a new document everything works as per your instructions. From today (and until yesterday everything was working fine) some images and captions are hidden by the master and I cannot move the master down in the levels!!! On the contrary, I notice that (and this can also be seen from my attachments) all the images are inside the master on levels. I do not understand! Why was everything ok until yesterday and from today the work looks like this? There will be a hundred pages with this problem. With InDesign I've never had any problems whatsoever 😞
  4. The black rectangle (as background) drawn on the master pages and in the lower level, covers the images of the pages as per the attached example. The publication that was complete yesterday (240 pages), today presents many pages with the photos masked by the black background. The master pages are regular while in the actual pages (to which I applied the master) the background of the master is at a higher level, thus masking the photos! Very disappointed with the software. Bruno Peron
  5. Thank you for the information, I did not run both of them once! Now it works, thank you again.
  6. Hello, StudioLink on Publisher doesn't work, I think because both A.Designer and A.Photo were purchased from Apple's App Store while the A.Publisher's license directly from Serif, do you think a solution will be found? Thank you
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