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  1. I did it with a paragraph style and two character styles:
  2. Thanks Trevor A. I hope the next update will be fine to work with it. I don't want to begin/renew the Adobe subscription.
  3. I too have already manually set footnotes out of desperation. You can do that in a 54-page booklet. But as I posted in a previous post in this thread, extensive books, history books and reference works cannot be realized without footnote function. And here is a screenshot of the magazine and memory consumption. As it looks, Affinity has already changed memory management in the new beta.
  4. Its RAM consumptiom is known. I have 64 GB RAM and a one year old AMD 8GB graphiccard and Publisher will more. I work aunder Windows 10 too. When I open Publisher wit my 344 site file, all images linked, the file is at 750 MB, publisher take all of my 64 GB. So ther is 99% RAM Publischer. The same file in ID needs only 6 GB. I think Serif has a massiv RAM-Managemet-Problem. When nothing is embeded why there don't use a smaler preview like Adobe?
  5. Footnotes? What are Footnotes for? In Germany most books have footnotes. For education, for the former texter, for theā€¦ I had wish footnotes from the begining of AP. Until now: NO FOOTNOTES! O.K. on the other hand I do now a 344 site architecture magazine there is no need to do footnotes. I do this in the newest Beta, becaues the 1.9 is so sluggish and buggy. Until now went all good. I do tests with print PDF and there are o.k. too. I think when we get the V2 of Publisher we have a great and strong DTP-Tool. And then I hope we see the first Beta with Footnotes in a way that will blowing us away. Stay tuned and positiv.
  6. What else can I say as a user? Nothing it is all correctly recognized and said. Serif must/should finally act and implement the footnote function. I will wait until the summer holidays and if there is still no footnote function, repentantly return to Indesign or QuarkXpress.
  7. Hi, I have no problems to manipulate your lines, paragraphs or the hole document. I work with Windows.
  8. @IAmMatt I couldn't agree more. Setting textbooks in German language is an impossibility without a footnote function. Here is an example of a work I have set in Indesign. I would like to see a similar solution for Publisher as Indesign has, that set correctly the notes in page to the refernce.
  9. Page size is DIN A5. The Bodyext is Minon 10 points and only 3 levels for the chapters. All in all 404 pages an 4 pages cover. The chronic I set last week had 884 pages with 1.204 linked fotos. No chance to do it with A-publisher. I don't understand why the book-function like i.e. in PagePlus was not build in at the planingphase.
  10. Hello and thanks all for testing my document. After last Windows update I have no more problems to set up the widows and orphans scheme correctly. Maybe a graphics card driver problem? @: Pyanepsion thanks for your welcome. As for the speed of A-Publisher on my system, it is so slow that you can't work fluidly with it. QuarkExpress 2019 and also Indesign CC 2020 run 50-100 times faster. An example: Today I tried to set a 400 page novella with A-Publisher. Master pages, paragraph and character styles were configured quickly as usual. Inserting the text from Word is an imposition, takes forever and is full of mistakes. OK then just plaine text. A-Publisher needs for the insertion of plaine text and the generation of the pages about 20 seconds. When moving a page in the Page palette, A-Publisher takes 10-15 seconds until the views are rendered again and you can continue working. But even that is not possible because it takes another 5 seconds until you can do something in the main window again. Different in Indesign. The templates are similarly in A-Publisher fast and cleanly set. The text from Word is inserted quickly and well. Pure text is inserted and pages created faster than you can blink. QuarkExpress, TangoSolo and also the older PagePlus interact much faster than A-Publisher which moves like a snail. So far my experiences, this is for me not a prof. publish software. The approaches are there and good. Speed and still missing functions will probably take some time. Until then, I cannot work and earn money professionally with A-Publisher. As a hobbyist or for testing, it is quite nice, but nothing more.
  11. Ah all right thread is moved. Sorry, I wasn't paying attention. So I'm back from vacation and try to answer a few questions. 1. Widows and orphans are not set correctly. If I open the program again, it makes a completely different wrap than the one I saved the document. To explain: I work with Windows 10 Pro on an I7 workstation, 96 GB of RAM and with a dedicated graphics card with 4GB RAM. I own, or rather have purchased all affinity programs and keep them up to date. After my vacation I received an inquiry from a specialized publishing house, a chronicle with approx. 2000 images and many footnotes to set. The page count is estimated at approx. 600-800 pages. I have made my offer, but would never have the idea to realize something like this with Affinity Publisher. It's just not possible. The professionals among you will know which software can do such a project. So, this is a problem which I cannot solve with AF Publisher. Like I said, flyers and a small 16 page booklet go. But that's all. At least not at the moment.
  12. I have a lot of book typesetting and test Affinity Publisher from time to time. I have always tried to publish a project. I have not yet been able to set a single book with Publisher. It is simply impossible to work professionally with Affinity Publisher (neither v1. 7. 3 nor Beta v1. 8. 0. 523). The orphan and widow settings are a joke and so not usable. Footnotes are completely missing. Book function not available. The speed is so slow that it is unacceptable for a modern program. All in all, in my opinion the software has no sense in this way. For a few flyers or business cards there are enough alternatives. But for book typesetting? Serif I think this will take few years befor Publisher can be named so.
  13. Could you please change the behavior of the tools in Affinity Photo. I restore a lot of old photos and I am annoyed every time I have adjusted a tool, but it is misaligned again when I create a new file. For example the lasso, I set it to add, at the next file it is back to new. Why Affinity Photo can't remember the setting like in Photoshop. Same with the Restore Brush. Every time it jumps back on repair brush. That sucks! Same with fillings. If I select Inpaint, it will jump back the next time I use it. I wish that tool options, once set, should remain even after a restart. Just like in Photoshop.
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