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  1. Just needed to say to the developers that I really do appreciate all their hard work and man hours invested thus far and I like the direction Affinity Publisher is headed in very much. I'm sure they always hear the negative side of business but to whom this may concern that it also goes without saying quite often that the expertise demonstrated across all your Affinity apps truly shine and as a result it provokes a lot of emotion that from time to time could easily yield a negative vibe when issues we're passionate about arise.
  2. Well, in the several attempts I've made at utilizing APub's editor of embedded pdf document feature it turns out as a time consuming mediocre experience in my use case, because I lose the ability to load all the pages contained within the pdf at once & apply font replacements overall upfront. As a result I stand by my initial request that the "PDF Options" offered for File Menu - Open also NEED to be available for File Menu - Place {ATTN: Affinity Developers}. After all I'd imagine that most of whom using APub are creators as well as editors thus if you're already knee deep into a project of document creation and NEED to place other pdf documents into the same project you'd certainly benefit from the abilities presented in the PDF Options dialog that's currently only available when opening a pdf file directly verses importation via placement. I've attached a screen shot of the PDF Options import window that's desperately missing from File Menu - Place.
  3. Oops! Just noticed that Affinity Publisher DOES display a font replacement menu like AfPhoto & AfDesigner but only when its Opened (File: Open) instead of Placed (File: Place). All 3 apps behave the same in this regard, so I'd really NEED to see this feature (Font Replacement) behave the same way when a PDF is imported (File: Place) into an already working document.
  4. Appreciate your response and what you've stated is very much understood. I have to rant about this a little bit to relieve some frustration! Of course pros like myself know how to outline fonts, etc. and this file will print just fine from any other app I currently have besides APub, but its been common place for decades now that your average customer or word processor editor or typesetter isn't going to have the proper software or tools or even care to think of converting their fonts to paths or outlines and preflighting their documents prior to submittal. It's been a typical hallmark of our industry to receive such unprepared documents (thinking out loud here, not a beef with your explanation at all). Thus we're always on the hunt for tools to make the process easier because that'll save some time between documents and ultimately save a little $, for instance Adobe InDesign, Affinity Photo & Affinity Designer have a feature that will warn you of the missing fonts within an imported PDF and allow you to relink them to exact or alternative fonts on your system without having to reverse engineer said document in order to reformat and outline all the fonts (convert to paths). It was an eye opener for me when I noticed that choosing to place and embed the PDF vs linking to the PDF had no difference or warning with respect to the fonts embedded in or missing from within the file (see were I'm going with this) so without a warning I'm back to square one and have to dissect or make assumptions regarding their file, I could go on and on about it but I digress because we're obviously still in beta with Affinity Publisher so I feel compelled to yield a heads up to its developer(s).
  5. Hello, In .afpub for macOS Mojave, I've noticed that text formatting/font changes upon PDF import placement. It doesn't matter whether I set the document to place as an embedded image or linked. The PDF appears fine when opened on same system in other viewers (Apple Preview, Adobe Acrobat, & Pages). I suspected it could just be AfPub's preview of the placed PDF however it retains the wrong formatting upon exporting as PDF also. The solution to fix issues like this is to have the PDF Options dialog popup when a user selects File Menu - Place.
  6. IMHO; Adding AppleScript capabilities would truly be a great asset & allow users to eventually automate task for entire workflows. Even better to have AppleScripts communicate across the entire Affinity Suite (use it to automatically create a photo collage in AP--then apply preset vector graphics or type fx in AD--then combine the layouts in APub with variable data). I can totally visualize what a huge time saving feature this could be, and best of all Apple hasn't abandoned AppleScript for developers.
  7. Love your product line thus far so please don't take any offense, this may come off a little negative but I really care to speak up regarding this app as a professional in the Graphics Design & Digital/Offset Print industry. It's chosen name "Affinity Publisher (A.P.)" brings back a lot of unfortunate memories of "Microsoft Publisher (M.P.)". The name in its self may turn away many future potential customers & veterans in the print industry because we've had to deal with so many headache files supplied by the latter over the years. Since M.P. predates A.P. some may be led to believe that's the level of quality to expect from your app & pass on it without giving it a try. I truly hope this makes sense. Please consider an adjustment to the name "Publisher" as it stands to represent a subpar desktop publishing experience (in the professional Digital & Offset print industries). Based on what's offered with Designer & Photo, I believe your page layout app should have a name that maintains your companies level of expertise. I totally understand that "Publisher" by definition describes A.P.'s capabilities, however if you really want it to have a fare shot when production pros see it released to the market for the first time, I humbly ask for your reconsideration & passionate thought on its name. Respectful regards.
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