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  1. IMHO; Adding AppleScript capabilities would truly be a great asset & allow users to eventually automate task for entire workflows. Even better to have AppleScripts communicate across the entire Affinity Suite (use it to automatically create a photo collage in AP--then apply preset vector graphics or type fx in AD--then combine the layouts in APub with variable data). I can totally visualize what a huge time saving feature this could be, and best of all Apple hasn't abandoned AppleScript for developers.
  2. Love your product line thus far so please don't take any offense, this may come off a little negative but I really care to speak up regarding this app as a professional in the Graphics Design & Digital/Offset Print industry. It's chosen name "Affinity Publisher (A.P.)" brings back a lot of unfortunate memories of "Microsoft Publisher (M.P.)". The name in its self may turn away many future potential customers & veterans in the print industry because we've had to deal with so many headache files supplied by the latter over the years. Since M.P. predates A.P. some may be led to believe that's the level of quality to expect from your app & pass on it without giving it a try. I truly hope this makes sense. Please consider an adjustment to the name "Publisher" as it stands to represent a subpar desktop publishing experience (in the professional Digital & Offset print industries). Based on what's offered with Designer & Photo, I believe your page layout app should have a name that maintains your companies level of expertise. I totally understand that "Publisher" by definition describes A.P.'s capabilities, however if you really want it to have a fare shot when production pros see it released to the market for the first time, I humbly ask for your reconsideration & passionate thought on its name. Respectful regards.
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