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  1. Hi there, just installed Versus Fluid Mask 3 on my Mac and it DON'T WORK AS A PlugIn for AP. I installed the PlugIn into the recommended NickPlugIns Folder to and it is showed up in AP - but: if I call it, it doesn't launch! Any hints to get it to work? Best regards, Michael
  2. OK, thank you MEB. For the first trials I made, Version 1.5 Beta10 looks great and stable ... Is there a RSS-feed or mailing list to get infos for the latest betas of 1.5? Can't wait for the release date of 1.5 - it has so much features I need! ;) Regards, Michael
  3. When I export a photo as TIFF-RGB-16Bit the resulting picture is only black! This issue is fixed with Version 1.5 Beta 10, but will this be also fixed within 1.4.3? Thanks for any advice. Regards, Michael
  4. That describes it the best! Thank you for your support, Claus! :)
  5. Please let the user decide, from which - via image stack - imported picture the EXIF data is kept and then be able to export them with these EXIF data. Should not be a big deal ... :) Thank you so much for a super duper getting better Affinity Photo! Best regards, Michael
  6. mikehaui

    No EXIF data with staple

    Ah ok, but then it was a good idea to implement it as a decision by user (e.g. 'Choose reference image for EXIF data or select none'). Shall I place an enhancement request?
  7. mikehaui

    No EXIF data with staple

    ok, as I now discovered, the import via staple (stack/batch? in German it is called Stapel) from Apple Photos is already without EXIF data! Here a screenshot after the import: (I am not allowed to post pictures!) ... and now in Develop Persona: (I am not allowed to post pictures!) If I import them as a single image, EXIF data is presented! So the import via staple is the problem.
  8. mikehaui

    No EXIF data with staple

    Hello 'The Assurer', I think you can reproduce this behavior easily ... It's as the previous posters described: original via stack imported files contains (normal) EXIF and the exported does not ... Oh, I forgot: I made the photos with an Olympus PEN E-PM2 and a Panasonic Lumix DMC-G6 and imported them as RAW-files.
  9. When developing photos in a stack and export them, all EXIF data are gone ...

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