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  1. Wow. That is an awful lot of attitude towards an audience who you are asking to give their time for FREE to help you evaluate your software...the fact that data merge is not included in the initial version of Publisher suggests that you may not really appreciate the needs of your market.
  2. With three pages of requests, could the Affinity team please respond with their thoughts on the inclusion of data merge in Publisher. I am curious if this thread has influenced the direction this is heading. Thank you.
  3. +1 BIG TIME for data merge. Frankly, without it, there is really no reason to move to an affinity publisher platform from my current workflow. To date, Designer and Photo have served my needs very well. I started with Designer and after a few weeks use there, Photo was happily purchased. If Publisher debuts without data merge, I will just have to wait patiently until the feature is added; Publisher would will not be an automatic purchase. I truly believe that you will be shooting yourself in your foot if you launch a software application targeting professionals and advanced hobbyists/amateurs without a top-notch, innovative, and user-friendly data merge capability. In the circles I create, this feature alone could set you apart and drive demand from hundreds of users to your software. Best of luck with your project. Cheers
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