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Pages in Affinity Designer?

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Cool,going off road :D

Win10(1909)Home / Photo / Designer / Publisher & latest (beta) versions

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On 7/3/2019 at 10:21 PM, Mark Ingram said:

Everything remained on the roadmap long after things were added, because we never updated the roadmaps. That's why they've ultimately been removed - because they were out of date and don't reflect the actual direction of the products any more.


On 7/3/2019 at 10:36 PM, Mark Ingram said:

It's a reasonable request, but the trouble with promising features, is that when they don't appear for whatever reason, people get annoyed - this post is an example of that. So for now, we have nothing to say about future features.

I would also like to re-iterate that we released Designer 5 years ago, and our customers have been receiving free feature and bug fix releases over this period. We think that's pretty reasonable.

I hope that doesn't mean that we're never getting roadmaps in the future. Would be a real shame, even if some of the features would not end up being implemented of some reason. Does this also mean that all the features on the old roadmaps are scrapped, or will we still see some of them (i.e. Export Persona showing the results of the export based on settings, non-destructive Develop Persona for Photo, Knife tool for Designer, etc.)?

As for Serif deciding to keep certain features exclusive to each software, I am personally fine with it after using StudioLink for the last few weeks, and I consider your pricing model to be reasonable enough that I don't feel ripped off for having to buy all programs to get a more complete experience while working (Publisher is great for worklfow efficiency). I can however understand people's frustrations after waiting so long for those roadmap features for their preferred software.

I think it would have been better if you had made this announcement earlier and not on a random thread in the Beta forums, since it is actually a pretty big deal that the old roadmaps were scrapped. People have been quite confused about the decision, myself included, since it was done so unceremoniously. Just my two cents.

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2 hours ago, Frozen Death Knight said:

As for Serif deciding to keep certain features exclusive to each software, I am personally fine.

I said the same in different words and got a sweet & humble reply from Serif Developer. :x

Serif Software user since 2008 | Not an active forum user since July 4, 2019 after getting a nice response from Developer.

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