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Affinity Designer Customer Beta (1.0.21861)

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Purpose: Improvements, Features, Fixes

Status: Beta

Requirements: Purchased Affinity Designer

Mac App Store: Not submitted

Download: https://s3.amazonaws...stomer Beta.dmg



NOTE: Following yesterday's release of build 1.0.21844 that this thread originally referred to, we have updated the beta build in order to fix a problem when entering the raster brush tool and also to fix an issue seen with the continuous export function. Other than that there have been no further changes. The build number has now been changed to 1.0.21861



To use this beta, simply download the file from the link given above and double-click on the file to open the installer. Follow the instructions to install the beta version. The beta sits alongside the Mac App Store version and will not interfere with it.


Documents made in this version will not be openable in older versions of Affinity Designer. This change was necessary in order to ensure a consistent baseline for our file format for the upcoming Affinity Photo Beta. When we update the Mac App Store version it will upgrade to this new archive version number too so will not be an issue in the future.
Improvements, Features, Fixes
- German and French translations - first phase. Spanish will be arriving shortly.
- Greatly improved performance of pixel brushes.
- Added Ctrl+Option pixel brush tool drag modifier to quickly adjust hardness and brush size.
- UI font size can be increased in Preferences -> User Interface.
- The Beta version can now be used during the Trial period. If no purchased version is found, a Trial period will automatically start.
- Hardware-accelerated colour profile transforms.
- Rectangles are now Rounded Rectangles - they just have their radii set to zero. An Ellipse is now also a Pie and a Donut shape, simply by dragging the handles.
- PSD import and export improvements.
- EPS export fixes.
- SVG export fix for different line joins and caps causing malformed SVGs.
- SVG import of unfilled objects.
- PDF import improvements and fix for import of very old Illustrator documents causing crashes.
- Fix for History panel crash when choosing the first item.
- Miscellaneous fixes for studio panel resizing logic.
- Importing documents from non-native formats now attempts to set a likely DPI for the document, based on the content found in it.
- Better logic when resizing documents.
- Fix for justified text drawing incorrectly.
- Font UI changes - the font should be shown in the language the user’s system is set to and font traits are now localised.
- Fixes for stroke alignment property not always maintaining itself in the UI.
- Importing brushes will now import all brushes, not just those for the current Persona.
- Updated PDF import options panel and fix for options panel causing deadlocks.
- Fix for Layers panel disabling when opening a document that is already opened via drag-drop.
- Fix for Layers panel occasionally to allowing items to be renamed.
- Performance improvements for objects with Layer Effects on Retina machines.
- Fix for object nudging occasionally nudging a seemingly random amount the first time.
- Default black/white colours in Swatches panel are now correct for the current document’s colour format.
- Numerous other fixes and improvements.
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Sweet changes in the rectangle and circle.  Will you be removing one of the rectangle tools, seeing as they are now repetitious?  Same for the pie and ellipse?  Simplified but more useful.  Outstanding.  Can't wait to discover what else is new.  Great work from the best team around.  I like the Close Pie button.


My snapping panel is white on light gray.  A bit of a readability issue. Yosemite 27" iMac.


Back to the fun.

iMac (27-inch, Late 2009) with macOS Sierra

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nice hint, but i do not want to set my entire system to english, just the apps i am using for development. the one reason is, because i always worked with the english version of the apps, that i do not understand the options and tools in german language.

another reason is, that most of the forums (like yours) is in english. how should i help, ask or explain english speaking people, if i don't know the options and tools name in english?


there should be an option to choose the desired language or at least a "hack" in a plist file (or whatever), where i can set the wanted language.

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Hey Guys,

same here as bandit69. I also switched back to english. But I prefer an language option in the app prefs for easy switching -> good to show mates and friends which won't use an english software  :)

iMac (Retina 5K, 27-inch, 2017), i7 4.2, Radeon 580 Pro 8 GB, 40 GB DDR4-RAM, 1 TB Flash, macOS 10.14.6

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My snapping panel is white on light gray.  A bit of a readability issue. Yosemite 27" iMac.


I have too




OS X 10.9.5 - iMac 12.2 (Mid-2011) : 2,7 GHz Intel Core i5, 32 GB 1333 MHz DDR3, AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512 MB, Fusion Drive 1.25Tb (SSD Samsung 840 Series - 250Gb + HDD 7200 rpm - 1Tb)

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