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  1. If I create a new document with margins and change the format again but hold the margins, they will be deactivated and reset zu 0. Easy to reproduce: make a new document with margins an click ok. Then just open the document setup again and click without a change ok. Margins are gone. The bleed stays ... They should stay active if I change something in the document setup. In AD 1.6.x it works.
  2. Markus Dierolf

    Margins reset if document setup is opened

    Thanks Sean :-)
  3. Also tried to place a PDF (X3 and X4 same result) generated by current InDesign. Page size is A4 (210x297mm). Placed it is a little smaler that a quarter. A A4 generated X3-PDF from AP and placed in a new AP document has the same problem. Same from the AD beta. Placing all of these PDFs in the AD beta work in correct size A4.
  4. Auto-upgraded to the latest .162-version. Documents with placed PDF are crashing now constantly. New documents are also crashing most times when placing any random PDF (X-1 and X-3 from Indesign or Illustrator, Word-exported PDF, ...). I also tried to reset the preferences, but no success. Under the previous version it worked for me and tehre where no crashes. Is threre something specific to (placed) PDFs in this version or anything I can do as workaround? I attached a crash-log. PS: using Designer to place PDFs just works. Affinity Publisher Beta_2018-11-08-234637_Markus-iMac.crash.7z
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    .162 crashes placing PDF files

    Sorry, to be specific: AP .162 crashes every time if I try to move and/or try to duplicate a placed PDF with the alt-key. If I open an older document that contains such duplicated (linked) PDFs then it crashes, too. If I do the same with a JPG image it doesn't crash. So I think there is a problem with placing, embedding/linking PDFs within this version of AP. For the crash test I simply used a X3-PDF I made from within AP and placed it again. On the duplicate+move with the alt-key it rumbles away ... PS: Strange, within the placed PDF the preview of the file in AP sometimes disapears. See the AP crash-document with the placed file - no preview on my side. PPS: The preview-mode (^w) should be available in AD, too - it is really, really helpfull! PPPS: Tried in on different iMacs with macos 10.13.6 and the lates AP. Testfile AP crash.afpub Testfile AP crash X3.pdf
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    .162 crashes placing PDF files

    Hi Chris, I try to attach some very simple files when I arrive at the home office later on.
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    Guidlines show no position while placing

    Thanks Chris.
  8. AD 1.61 Mac: If I drag a guideline from the rulers to the document, no measurement/position is shown at the guideline or the tranformation panel. If the guideline is dropped onto the artboard/page and dragged again from there, it shows it's positon correctly directly at the guidline -> see attached screenshot. It would be very helpfull if it works directly from the rulers, too :-)
  9. Any news on the issue that Designer (and Photo) don't open the embedded (subsetted) fonts of PDF files and I have to ? Last discussion on this "missing feature" was in december 2016, followed by some posts regarding this in March 2017. It would be a great relief if this would be included in the next release, due 1.6 does also not support opening embeded/subsetted fonts when opening. Also it is not possible if a PDF with missing fonts ist placed to holde them as missing an search and replace them later.
  10. Thanks for the reply stokerg, I musst have overlooked that post :-( Anyway this is no good news. But I mostly can live with it due I make most of the documents by myself. But sometimes I got documents by customers, and surely I got PDF from them, with exotical fonts used (embedded/subsetted). So I tried a little test: I used a font in a Designer document and saved it as designer and X3 document - afterwards I deactivated the font and made a new document. I placed the PDF an the font was replaced by a default without any warning, so if I didn't know what font and where used I got no change to see the difference (especially if the PDF have more pages). If I placed the Designer document it bravely asked my (one time) about the missing font. That ist a great source of mistakes. In Designer it might not to bad, but Dave wrote that Publisher 1.x also will not have the possibilities of passing (subsettet/embedded) fonts through and/or ask for replacing. But that is one of the very important things that are a must be. And (ok, nowadays I mostly use Mac) if I use the good old PagePlus 9 it works. Is there really no workaround and/or chance to solve this? If I need the full Acrobat suite to convert all fonts in a PDF to curves (for safety) that will be not helpfull. It is a long and sometimes hard way to develop a new software suite, so I keep the thumbs up - knowning you're doing the best you can. Thanks.
  11. Please include the option to choose how the color of objects which handled that will be pasted from the clipboard into documents and the particular color profiles are different: Convert into the value of the document profile and preserve appearance or Preserve the values and asign the document profile (this option I'm missing) It would get rid of the problem that elements look different if copied into a document from another used a different color profile (for example: from a Generic Profile document into an ISO Coated prodile document the color will change if the color values are not preserved). PS: Sorry, I have only a german screenshot from Illustrator for example. But hopefully you understand what I mean.
  12. Well, I need a clou here if I‘m just overlooking something or it is just currently not possible :) I made two different documents in Designer on my iMac: 1) CMYK with the Generic CMYK profile 2) CMYK und the ISO Coated v2 300% (ECI) Now, for example, if I create a red object with 100M 100Y in the Generic document and it looks like it should. If I copy it and paste it into the ISO Coated document it converts the color appropriate to the other profile: for now 2C 95M 83Y 6K and looks surely different. In other programms like Illustrator, ... I have the option to paste with converting into the profile or use the color values – and that is what I am missing. It just converts every time to the profile instead to use the correct values or even giving me the choice. If I place the Generic document (with the place command) into the ISO Coated document and double click the now embedded object, it opens and show me correct the 100M 100Y values inside the ISO Coated document. It correctly converts only if I export it to PDF with the document profile. I can switch the profile in the document prefs and select asign or convert, but all things pasted via the clipboard get always converted. Ist there an option the preserve the values? Thanks for any help in advance. :-)
  13. Thanks for the information, although it unfortunately doesn't solve my problem. I will request this as a feature. But I'm wondering how I should handle it best if I have different documents with different elements which I use for new projects and they had different profiles before - I can't embedd every object and it is to much work to recolor the objects correctly, to much room for forgetting an element ... any help here or is there no workaround? How does anyone out there handle this with different print partners/papers for example?
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    Red node in paths

    Thanks, that seems logic - as I supposed.
  15. If I draw a polygon and close the path or use a predefined polygon und use "convert to curves" I also get a path with one red node. Does it mean that this is the start and end node or ...? Maybe anyone can give me a clou. :-) Thanks in advance.
  16. I'm working on Mac and Win with the AD. On the Mac side I can use a "Generic CMYK" profile for my document (if I want to make nothing special) so the AD file uses for a little logo about 50kb filesize, same to EPS and PDF -> sometimes does size matter and not the profile ;) On the WIN side I have no such option for a generic profile, I have to select one by creating a document. The AD file always is always saved with the selected profile (about 1,4mb), same to EPS, only for a PDF I can select the export without the profile which results in the much smaller file size cause the profile was not embedded. Ist there an option on the WIN side to do like on the Mac side if I don't need colourmanagement, beside if this makes less or more sense for someone else?! Thanks.
  17. Pew, now I tried AD on a freshly installed Win10 Notebook, without any profiles, except the ones which Windows provided. After I installed the official ECI profiles and the generic ones for RGB and CMYK an tried it again. An what should I say, it worked as it should, both CMYK/8 and RGB/8 :ph34r: Maybe there is a "profile mess" or something which interferes on my main Win machine. I have to tidy it up, someway :huh: Thank you all for your patience and try out help. :)
  18. Mh, good point, I think you're right. But there will be no usefull advantage if the RGB had the same problem as the CMYK with the embedded profile. A neutral RGB (just as a reverence) should be indeed smaller with same accuracy in colourspace.
  19. Cause on RGB I had the problem, too. RGB profile embedded, and most fixed colours of some club fractions are defined in CMYK, so it's just easier to handle.
  20. Mike, the question was not how to send PDF without a profile, that depends on what the pro print-partner claims. It was about filesize (that sometimes matters) and profiles which are embedded in native AD files. On the Win side I have every time CMYK files that have 1,4mb and more as filesize, also if it is only blank page. And if I don't need these blown up files there was the simple question: on Mac I have a CMYK AD file which is in size just some kb with the generic profile, and on Win I can't select something generic and the filesize was about 1,4mb plus ... whatever I selected. Then I tried the Mac profiles (from Apple) on Win as R C-R told. Again: this is not a really problem, space doesn't cost to much these days, but if I don't need a profile for an Inkjet or Laser print in certain situations, I don't need that 1,4mb blown up filesize. I was just wondering and searching for the cause of this. And using a false profile just so save space isn't a good idea, a neutral one ok, but not a false one, just like on the Mac side :) Certainly you give PDF to pro printers files with a profile (if they wish so) as X-3 .... but If you know you're destination, you need a specific profile, and that's ok. I hope I wrote it understandable, sorry for any confusion I have may caused. I'm always happy for any help. :)
  21. Fascinating ... but I think it could be like this ...
  22. Jepp. A generic profile with "no size" for CMYK AD files which wont blow up the filsize for nothing if you really don't need profiling for small works which will be printed here and there. And cause you can't create a file without a profile ...
  23. Here we go, attached you find the generic profile. But it seems to contain nothing special, cause the filsize is to small. So as R C-R wrote, a manuell copy of the generic profile to Win is the only chance, cause Win doesn't come with the generic profile. But if this is usefull must everyone decide for himself. Generic CMYK Profile.icc.zip
  24. No problem at all, I appreciate that you tried to help, tx :)