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  1. It's been.. a while. Is the team considering adding a scratch disk location option?
  2. Hello, I was wondering if you'd consider implementing a mirror painting feature. That is, so I could set a line (horizontal, vertical, angled?) and it whatever is drawn on one side of the line is automatically mirrored to the other.
  3. I've attached the "bugged" file I was working on and which has the positions of certain sub-layers scrambled around. For example under the layer "Compass v3" -> "Heading" there are several layers, which got resized/repositioned when the bug happened. Same under "Characters" -> "Character Frame Sml" -> "Health" there is a layer which got transformed wrongly. Hopefully this will help... UI bugged.afphoto
  4. I've encountered a weird bug, which corrupts the scale of certain raster elements. I have no idea how and when it happens, since it occurred only two times up to now. The solution was to restore the file from time machine. Restarting AP or undoing wouldn't solve the issue. What seemed to happen is certain elements visibly disappeared from view, although they were still marked as visible and existed in the layers palette. Also they seemed to have the "selection box" moved somewhere else then where the element should be and/or the scale of the selection box would be incorrect. Another
  5. Bump! Any idea if this issue is being worked on? AP version is 1.4.3 since I forgot to mention that.
  6. I can't tell you exactly when AP crashes, but I was dragging layers around the layers window the last time it did crash on me. I've appended the log. afcrash.txt
  7. Sorry for the late reply. Turning off saving history solved the issue.
  8. I have a large 8000x8000px (440MB) afdesign file, which crashes on me. It started when I tried to define a slice and save. Now whenever I try to save, the app crashes. I've appended the crash log. The crash happens in designer 1.4.1 and photo 1.4.1. apcrash.txt
  9. Been browsing back the threads and I found this one. Has this been taken care of? I haven't used a lot of AD, but I haven't found a better way to colour objects yet.
  10. I must say that while I love to work in Affinity Designer and tried to use it at work, where the majority of other machines are Windows PCs, it just fails short at the export quality to psd. I expected photoshop exports to be at par with imported ones, but the layer groups and effects simply get flattened into pixel layers. This makes my product unusable to the other Photoshop-using colleagues. Is it just a problem with certain photoshop versions, or the import is simply not there yet? Any plans for improvements? Thanks!
  11. Thanks. I have just sent an email with the problematic files linked.
  12. Hi, I am getting the "Failed to open PSD file" error when trying to open certain psd files. Some open, some don't. For those that open, I am noticing the following bugs: Smart layers get rasterised. IMHO, this needs to be fixed. Adjustment layers do not appear the same. For example the hue/saturation adjustment does not look the same as in Photoshop. Some masks on groups do not show as expected, masking seems "inverted"? Please let me know if you need any details on the bugs above, or if there is a fix for what I am experiencing. Other than that, it is a great peace of softwar
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