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  1. Would be great to have an "export to .EMF" one day. To insert vector graphics into MS Office applications.
  2. I've found a tip that may be convenient for those who are making powerpoint presentations with SVG drawings. As you may know, powerpoint does not support SVG native file. What you can do though is to convert SVG to EMF format through online free converters and then insert it to a Windows version of Powerpoint (also works with Parallel Desktop virtualized session). Once you have it on the slide, you must "Ungroup" them and Powerpoint will ask you whether you want to convert them into editable drawings for which you can say YES. And you're done. Should you have many icons you can export / convert / place them all in once. Once they are ungrouped they can be handled individually. Unfortunately, this feature only works with Windows Powerpoint and not Powerpoint 2011 neither the beta of Powerpoint 2016. It may also work with OpenOffice.
  3. iDraw does it well although it does not look as sophisticated as AD and I rather like using AD. Copy/paste from iDraw to Affinity : No problem the vector format is kept and you can manipulate each part of the object. Copy/paste from iDraw to Powerpoint : convert vector into .png. Transparency is kept. Copy/paste from Affinity to iDraw : seems to convert it into a .png like format. No more vector. Copy/paste from Affinity to Powerpoint : Just the code is copied. Should you do this with a large file or an image, this will cause powerpoint to crash as too many data seem to overwhelm it... The workaround is to do a Copy/paste special and then select image or PNG image in PPT 2016. Rather annoying as one mistake while quickly designing a presentation can cause a crash, regardless of a slower process. Would be great to get AD working like iDraw on this matter. My job includes many PPT presentation designs and solving this issue would be a great relief. Please keep me posted.
  4. Hi, - When AD is in full mode - When I open a new file, the files tab tend to disappear. You can still on it but it is very narrow and too narrow the show the file name. The workarounds are - to leave the full mode and open a new file. Then the tabs appear again. - or to access the file through the View>views from the top menu. I suppose it's a bug. So thanks the guys to help solving this in the next release. I've attached some screen capture images to show the problem. Laurent