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List of all Affinity V1 FAQs

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Please find all of our V1 FAQ's listed below, if you have any trouble with these please create a new post and we'll be happy to help.

Licencing & Customer Service

OS Licensing and allowable number of installations

How do I receive support for Affinity apps?

How do I remove my Licence details?

Changing your Affinity Store licence from macOS to Windows or vice-versa

Bought Affinity Software but cannot log into the Affinity Store

Switching software between Microsoft Store and Affinity Store

Switching software between Mac App Store and Affinity Store

Information about the Legacy Plus Range

[FAQ] I can no longer find Affinity V1 apps on your website or App Stores. Why?


Windows OS

Welcome screen is missing content and shows Affinity Logo

The product key is valid, but there was an error writing the licence file

Installer Errors, Setup Failed & Installer Windows UI Issues

Which features are supported with the Surface Dial? (Windows)

What to do if Affinity is failing to start, crashes on startup or the UI is not displaying correctly (Windows).

How can I force Affinity to use my dedicated GPU? (Windows)

RAW files appear dark when using a Surface Pro (Windows)

I get the error "The data area passed to a system call is too small" when trying to Launch Affinity. Why? (Windows)

I get a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) relating to cldflt.sys when trying to launch Affinity. Why?

How to save a copy of Application Logs from Event Viewer?

Affinity Installer window not showing (Windows)

Will the Affinity Range run on Windows ARM?

The software requires a DirectX 10 compatible graphics card in order to run (Windows)

Why do I need to enable Windows Aero?

Supported Windows Version Not Found

Installation failed with error code: (0x00000057), "The parameter is incorrect. "

This app can't run on your PC

.NET and Affinity apps

How do I enable the Windows "No Hardware" Flag?

Windows Installation Issues

[FAQ] The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect

[FAQ] How can I disable OpenCL compute acceleration on Windows?

[FAQ] Windows Hardware Acceleration Requirements


Mac OS

macOS CODESIGNING crash when launching Affinity apps.

Affinity apps and macOS Big Sur Compatibility

Affinity apps and Apple Silicon

Will the Affinity iPad apps run on macOS Big Sur with Apple Silicon?

Why do I get the error "Failed to Open File" or "Failed to Save Document" when using Affinity apps purchased from the Mac App Store? (macOS)

Help within Affinity doesn't show any results when searched on macOS

Working with Affinity apps through Sidecar

Affinity would like to record this computer's screen (Mac OS)

Does Affinity support NVIDIA GPUs to use Metal on MacOS?

1.10.8 macOS update (to avoid hang on startup using Light UI on Sonoma)


iPad OS

Current Apple iPad Store Hardware Compatibility List

Supported Raw Cameras on iPad version

How to switch seamlessly between Affinity on desktop and iPad

How to back up your Affinity documents if you use only an iPad

Which iPad models are supported?

How do I save my work before reinstalling an Affinity iPadOS app?

[FAQ] How to force restart your iPad?



PDFLib logging

How do I add additional Dictionaries to Affinity Publisher?

[FAQ] Why is the PDF Passthrough option not available for a placed PDF in my document?



Affinity Designer and Cricut cutting machines

Why are strokes expanding after exporting to EPS?

I've opened an .EPS file into Affinity but it doesn't look correct, but it looks fine in Adobe Illustrator. Why?



List of Supported Raw Cameras for Desktop & Lens Correction list 

How to configure plugins in Affinity Photo

Workflow of RAW files in Affinity Photo

Why can't I import my Macros?



[FAQ] How do I register my app and sync content?

Performance Related Issues

Feature Lists and Release Notes

Affinity Range Information

Can I trial Affinity desktop apps before I buy?

Downloading the Latest and Previous versions of Affinity apps?

Updates not showing on App Store, Mac App Store and Windows Store

I've been asked to provide a screen recording. How do I do this??

Display Colour Management in the Affinity apps

How do I download Workbook resources?

How do I reset the app back to its default settings?

Do you have any downloadable Affinity keyboard shortcut cheat sheets?

How do I use the 90 day free trial?

How do I install the papers that came with my pack?

The app's canvas is not white. What's happening?

I've been asked to provide information about my system. How?

Can I export or backup my settings?

Which Languages are supported in Affinity?

Which drawing tablets work with Affinity?

Are the Affinity Workbooks available as a PDF or eBook?

Are you working on a Digital Asset Management app?

What are the recommend system specifications for Affinity apps?

Installing creative resources downloaded from the Affinity Store

Affinity on Linux?

Why are your video tutorials not showing?

What exactly do the Clear User Data options clear?


Where to find Crash Reports

File Hash information for latest Affinity apps

[FAQ] Failed to connect to affinity.api.serifservices.com or Couldn't connect to server

[FAQ] Why is Bitdefender flagging/blocking Affinity downloads?

[FAQ] Stock Panel no longer contains Unsplash


Third Party (Adobe) File Formats

Is it possible to import .AI (Adobe Illustrator) files in Affinity?

Is it possible to import .INDD (Adobe InDesign) files into Affinity?

How do I enable PSD smart object import support?

Can I open and export Adobe files?

Does Affinity support Smart Objects in PSD files?

Is it possible to export to PSD with editable text?

Is it possible to export to .AI (Adobe Illustrator) file format?

Fireworks Layered .PNG and Layered .TIFF files


Known Issues & Workarounds

[WORKAROUND] Stroke width being printed incorrectly on rotated objects (Windows)

[WORKAROUND] Crash when scrolling/panning around document

[WORKAROUND] Plugins not working in Affinity Photo on Apple M1 Mac

[BY DESIGN] Refining a selection as New Layer with Mask adds distortion

[FIXED] Pixel Persona Tool Crash, Undo Limit & File Recovery Interval

[FIXED] Scribble shows instead of keyboard when trying to use text tools.

[FIXED] iPad apps crashing when accessing Preferences > Fonts on iPadOS 14.

[FIXED] Affinity apps no longer start after installing the Windows 10 October 2020 (20H2) update

[KNOWN ISSUE] ICC profiles missing from Affinity after updating to macOS Big Sur

[KNOWN ISSUE] Affinity apps taking 20+ seconds to launch on macOS Monterey, Big Sur & Catalina

[KNOWN ISSUE] Performance related issues with Affinity apps on macOS Big Sur

[KNOWN ISSUE] Why are Affinity apps crashing with Hardware Acceleration enabled when using an Intel Graphics Card?

[KNOWN ISSUE] Latest AMD Adrenalin Drivers (21.4.1) Cause the Affinity apps to crash when loading

[KNOWN ISSUE] Nvidia Graphics Card and Capture One Windows Explorer Integration

[KNOWN ISSUE] Hardware Acceleration and AMD RX 5000 series and later cards

[KNOWN ISSUE] Muli Font used in the Alice Project from the Publisher Workbook has changed

[KNOWN ISSUE] There was an unexpected problem while handling the server's response (0x00000001)

[KNOWN ISSUE] Unable to open/import PSD files into Affinity iPad Apps

[KNOWN ISSUE] Affinity apps crashing on startup on Windows 7

[KNOWN ISSUES] Common issues found in the Affinity 1.10.0 update

[KNOWN ISSUE] Affinity apps have performance issues on macOS Monterey

[KNOWN ISSUES] Unable to Register or Sign in via Affinity Apps

[KNOWN ISSUE] Blank screen when trying to register Affinity apps on old versions of macOS

[KNOWN ISSUE] Exporting from Affinity apps on iPadOS 15.4 exports previous edits

[KNOWN ISSUE] Recent Windows 10/11 crashing when when searching fonts, placing images, updating resources…

[KNOWN ISSUE] Intel Arc graphics card causing Affinity to crash on launch

[KNOWN ISSUE] Printing no longer possible in Affinity iPad apps after updating to iPadOS 16

[KNOWN ISSUE] Saving to an external drive gives "Failed to Save Document" error on macOS Ventura

[KNOWN ISSUE] Affinity V1 apps crash on launch with macOS Sonoma, when using Light UI Style

Issues Caused By Third Party Software

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