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[FAQ] Affinity Designer and Cricut cutting machines

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We often get questions from customers who are creating designs in Affinity Designer to be used with a Cricut cutting machine. As long as your document is setup correctly in Affinity Designer it should import into the Cricut Design Space app without any issues:

  • Make sure your document is set 72 DPI
  • The Cricut Design Space app will take all layers within your document and reorder them before cutting to prevent material wastage. If your design has multiple Curve Layers but you want to retain the layout of your document, you will need to merge all the separate Curve Layers into one Curve Layer. Select all the Curve Layers and go to Layer > Geometry > Merge Curves
  • The Cricut Design Space app will push all layers within your document to the edge of the material when cutting. Again, this is to prevent material wastage. If you would like to add padding around your document, you can add a Rectangle Layer around your Curve Layers before merging all Curves into one layer
  • We advise that you export to SVG, being sure to uncheck SetViewBox (under the 'More...' options) to ensure the correct size of the design is retained.

If you've done all of the above and your design doesn't look correct when opened into the Cricut Design Space app, we suggest that you open the exported SVG into another app to see if it looks as expected. If it looks fine, this would indicate an issue with the Cricut Design Space app and we would suggest that you contact Cricut's support team to look into your issue further.

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