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[FAQ] Affinity Installer window not showing (Windows)

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If you're trying to install an Affinity app and you're seeing something similar to the below image and nothing else, this issue can be caused by your integrated Intel HD Graphics Card and/or the Windows 10 1803 update.

Affinity No Installer Window.png

We would suggest that you make sure Windows is updated to latest version and if that doesn't resolve the issue, please download and install the latest Graphics Card Drivers and try again. Alternatively, if you have a second Graphics Card such as NVidia or ATI, you might be able to force Windows to use this Graphics Card by using Window's Graphic Performance Preference setting in Graphic Settings.

Alternatively, you can follow the below instructions - you should always back up the registry before making changes!

Attached is a zip file containing two registry files. One adds the 'DisableHWAcceleration' value to the registry, and the other removes this. This means you can disable the hardware acceleration that is causing the installer to not display. Please follow my steps below:

  1. Run the DisableHWAcceleration_On.reg - as mentioned above this adds the DisableHWAcceleration value to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Avalon.Graphics\ key in the registry.
  2. Run the Affinity Installer - you should now be able to see it correctly.
  3. Install Affinity as normal
  4. Run the DisableHWAcceleration_Off.reg file - this removes the change to avoid any adverse effects with any other applications.
  5. Run Affinity up - I imagine you will get the results similar to the installer where you just get the title bar. If you do continue, if not then great!
  6. Find the shortcut you use to start Affinity or create a new one and add --no-hw-ui. Read the How do I enable the Windows "No Hardware" Flag? FAQ for more information.

This should get Affinity up and running, however please be aware that this is still running without hardware acceleration so might be a bit slower than it should be. If you continue to have issues after updating Windows and your Graphics Card drivers, please start a new thread for our support team to look into this further for you.


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