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[FAQ] Affinity Range Information

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Where do I get support?
The best place for asking questions, reporting bugs and requesting features is right here on our forum – this is where we all hang out:
 · Questions
 · Report a Bug on MacReport a bug on Windows and Report a Bug on iPad.
 · Make a feature suggestion
What are the system requirements?
OS X Mavericks (10.9) or above for Mac and Windows 7 (SP1) and above for MS Windows – but you can see the full spec for Affinity Designer here and for Affinity Photo here
Is it available to buy for Windows?
Affinity Designer for Windows is available to here, and Affinity Photo for Windows is available to buy here and both are also on the Windows Store here. We support 64-bit editions of Windows 7 (SP1), 8.1, and 10.

If you have bought any Affinity apps for the MacOS or Windows or iPad and want to run on one of the other platforms also, you will need to purchase additional licenses for those other platforms.
Are there trial versions available?
Yes, there are free 10-day trials for Mac and Windows available on our site, with Affinity Photo at affinity.serif.com/photo/trial and Affinity Designer at affinity.serif.com/designer/trial.
I've used my trial, can I have another?
No, unfortunately not. The trials need to be secure to prevent abuse, so even though your wish is for an honest evaluation we cannot circumvent the trial checking built in to the app. If you installed a trial of Affinity Photo or Affinity Designer before, you can only use a future trial when it is updated to reflect new features (1.6, 1.7, 1.8 etc). The customer beta versions of Affinity apps do not offer an additional trial period and only work for paid customers.

What is Affinity Photo Plugin support like?
We are currently working with some plug-in manufacturers to make their plug-ins fully compatible with Affinity Photo. We will keep you updated on our progress. We would also love to know which plug-ins you would like to see made compatible with Affinity Photo.
Do you plan to have Web site design/Digital Asset Management/animation/video editing products too?
We’re not sure yet! but we are very interested in adding a DAM solution to the Affinity suite in future.
Do you produce apps for iPad?
Affinity Photo for iPad is available from the iOS App Store here
Affinity Designer for iPad is available from the iOS App Store here
Do you have any tutorials or handbook available?
We have the Designer Workbook available to purchase here and the Photo Workbook here. We also have a comprehensive set of video tutorials, you can find our growing collection here . Due to high design and production costs each Workbook is only available in English and in German, with no plans for otther languages.
Are Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo and Affinity Publisher available in any languages other than English?
Yes, each apps already includes

  • English (US and UK),
  • German,
  • French,
  • Spanish,
  • Italian,
  • Portuguese (Brazilian),
  • Japanese,
  • Russian, 
  • Chinese (Simplified).

Language is chosen for you automatically and you can also change it in Preferences > General.

How does the pricing work in different countries?
We set the price in USD for sale within the USA, and from there the price shown in other countries and currencies is set by Apple based on a matrix they use. We have no control over that matrix or any updates Apple may make to it in the future. Our Affinity Store matches these prices for Windows to make the sale price the same.
Are Affinity Windows apps available to buy outside of the Affinity Store?
Yes, Affinity Designer for Windows and Affinity Photo for Windows are available on the Serif Affinity Store and also the Windows Store.

Are Affinity Mac apps available to buy outside of the Mac App Store?
Yes, Affinity Designer for Mac and Affinity Photo for Mac are available on the Serif Affinity Store and also the Mac App Store.
This also applies to educational and other volume license sales — Serif operate volume purchase programs for organisations to reduce costs and simplify distribution and management, which you can find our more about for business here and for education here.
Is there anywhere I can download a cheat sheet showing the shortcuts for Affinity apps?
Yes there is! You can download a full list of default shortcuts for the Affinity apps in this Affinity Spotlight article  (where you will find printable PDFs and also the Affinity Designer source files for English and German keyboards in case you want to include your own customized shortcuts).
Can I use the Affinity logo and name for my website/channel/product/service?
We really appreciate and encourage activities that support Affinity software so we're pretty fair about trademark usage, but naturally there are limitations. We want Affinity users to be confident about what content is created by Affinity and what is created by third parties, our guidelines in this short PDF (English only) make things quite clear.

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