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[FAQ] Why do I get the error "Failed to Open File" or "Failed to Save Document" when using Affinity apps purchased from the Mac App Store? (macOS)

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If you purchased your Affinity app through the Mac App Store you may see the error Failed to Open File when trying open a document into the app. You may also get the error Failed to Save Document when trying to save or export a document from the app. You may also notice the app taking several minutes to load. This issue is caused by using a Font Manager to activate a large amount of fonts and Sandboxing.

Any app purchased through the Mac App Store will be Sandboxed. Sandboxed apps are designed to prevent unrestricted access to user data and system resources. It also limits the amount of files/resources a Sandboxed app can open within the app. If you're using a Font Management app and you have a large amount of Fonts activated, 2,000 or more, and they're not stored in one of the below default macOS Font Locations, you may experience the issues mentioned above:

  • Library > Fonts
  • System > Library > Fonts
  • Users > {Username} > Library > Fonts

If you suspect that you're having this issue, open the Console app and then open the Affinity app and look for any errors similar to:

  • Sandbox: Affinity Designe(1637) deny(1) file-read-data /Users/{Username}/Desktop/Font Cache/{Fontname}.ttf

To get around this issue, please deactivate any fonts that are not needed or try moving your fonts to one of the default macOS Font Locations specified above.

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I'm not using a Font Manager or do not have an excessive amount of fonts installed. What is the issue?

If you do not have a Font Manager installed or do not have an excessive amount of fonts installed within macOS, please try going to the Apple menu 🍏  > System Preferences > General > Recent Items to None and try our app again.

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