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  1. GabrielM

    Grid options: multiple planes

    Hi @darkhorsedynamo, Welcome to the forums. You can turn on Isometric by going to Document > Grid and change the grid mode to Isometric. Thanks, Gabe.
  2. Hi Bung, I was about to say the same thing. When you don't expand stroke, it will create the additional points, trying to replicate the pressure of that curve. I will log this as an improvement. I can see you discovered already that it works fine by expanding stroke. Thanks, Gabe.
  3. GabrielM

    Copy/Paste merged?

    Hi @Glenn, I'm afraid this is not possible. You would have to merge before copying them, or after pasting them. Thanks, Gabe.
  4. Hi @HDJeff, Welcome to the forums. Have a look at this tutorial. It's similar to what you're doing. As for the mask, you can simply copy and paste that mask, or duplicate it and move it to a different layer. A mask's just a grayscale layer. If you want to edit that layer later, you can always go back go the clipping mask, and paint with white/black/gray and adjust it accordingly. Thanks, Gabe.
  5. GabrielM

    Color change?

    Hi @DesignMeister, You would have to go to Layer > Invert. Invert selection will only invert the selection ( if you have around selection on a square image, invert will select everything but the round circle) not the content of the selection. Thanks, Gabe.
  6. Hi @justin b, I'm not entirely sure what you mean by this. The sampling points work as expected. You can use the exact same technique in Affinity. We have got both curves and HSL available. Thanks, Gabe.
  7. HI @L. Coaching, Welcome to the forums. if you buy it from our store, you can install it on your 2 PCs as long as you're the owner of both. Thanks, Gabe.
  8. Hi @JuanGea, Welcome to the forum. You can start here: Isometric Grid Drawings: Part 1 (Single Planes) Isometric Grid Drawings: Part 2 (Multiple Planes) Isometric Grid Drawings: Part 3 (Layers and Compounds) Thanks, Gabe.
  9. We do not have an ETA for this feature. Sorry
  10. Hi @danshaw92, Welcome to the forums. We do not have a text wrap tool for Designer yet. It is on our roadmap and we hope to get it implemented in future updates. You can achieve a similar effect In Photo, but it would be a manual warp process, rather than an automated one. - You would have to use the mesh warp tool to distort and arrange your text within the shape. Thanks, Gabe.
  11. Hi @licong, Welcome to the forums. All the feature requests have to be addressed on the forum. You can also upload the videos here. Thanks, Gabe.
  12. GabrielM

    Affinity Designer Outline Issue/Bug

    Hi @Muppet64, Welcome to the forum. It seems to be a bug, indeed. But it does not interfere with the brush. The brush tool is not used when creating a shape. You're technically masking out the shape. I suggest you use the compound boolean operations for this process as they are much better. See attached for an example. To create a Compound: Select multiple objects. Do one of the following: From the Layer menu, select Create Compound. Hold down the ALT key and, on the Toolbar, select Add, Subtract, Intersect or Combine. To change the compound mode of individual objects: In the Layers panel, click the object's compound mode icon. Select a compound mode from the pop-up menu. To add an object to a Compound: In the Layers panel, drag the object on top of the compound object. The object is included in the Compound using the default Add mode. To remove an object from a Compound: In the Layers panel, drag the object from inside the compound object to a layer. To break up a Compound: Select the Compound. From the Layer menu, select Release Compound. When creating a compound, make sure that your base shape is at the bottom of the selection, and the cutout shapes are on top. Moved to bugs. Thanks, Gabe. Bird_Logo_Fault_2.afdesign
  13. Hi @Bung, Welcome to the forums. Can you attach your .afdesign and the .eps file so we can have a look? Thanks, Gabe.
  14. GabrielM

    Remove white?

    Why don't you use the Crop Tool?
  15. GabrielM

    Remove white?

    Can you attach the image in questions?