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  1. Hi Hannah, Do you see the picture sharp in the Preview window? ( Photo Viewer) Can you attach the image and a link to the web-page so we can have a look? Resizing to a smaller size (in px) will increase the sharpness. So technically, a 200px will not be as sharp as a 400px resized to 200px. Thanks, Gabe.
  2. Stai utilizzando l'ultima versione. Quindi va tutto bene
  3. Hi @Dumpfbacke, Welcome to the forums. You have to change the fill more to even-odd. Layer > Fill mode > Alternate . Thanks, Gabe.
  4. Hi @RobNJ, I'm afraid you cannot re-arrange Brushes. Sorry Thanks, Gabe.
  5. Hi @Markeeee, Can you explain a bit more what is it that you want to achieve? What is your workflow for the duotone? Thanks, Gabe.
  6. Hi @Markeeee, Basic shapes should work, but any adobe specific might not. It is not generally advised to copy/ paste. You would be better off to export ( pdf, svg, eps) and import when needed. Thanks, Gabe.
  7. Hi Alfred This is not a feature present in Affinity Photo(neither Desktop nor iPad). I will move this to the correct topic. Cheers, Gabe.
  8. If it's Microsoft Store version, we have no control over the install as it's all sandboxed by Microsoft. If it's our store, you can change the directory during the install.
  9. Hi @mku, Welcome to the forums. No, you cannot change the temp and cache locations from within affinity. They will install by default in your temp / cache windows folder. Thanks Gabe.
  10. That's why it's a lot easier to work on parent/child configurations when it comes to this.
  11. The Fill tool will "fill" the object. You cannot lock the texture. You will have to work on parent/layers to achieve what you want.
  12. I printed your file from both Mac and Windows with no issues. "The document could not be saved. An internal error occurred" is generated by Adobe, when you either print to a virtual printer or when you made changes to the document ( mark-up, highlight) and it could not save it.
  13. Hi @IcyPRO, With the parent layer selected, tick "lock children" and the pattern will not resize. Thanks, Gabe.
  14. Che versione stai correntemente correndo?
  15. Sorry. I was looking at the Desktop Versions. There no build-in info panel to check the embedded meta-data. With the iPad, it seems to be a hard-coded limitation in terms of the MAX DPI on the resize menu, which cannot go above 600. If you start a document with any resolution and don't resize, it will keep it throughout. I will log this with our developers to get a fix. EDIT: Moved to bugs. Thanks, Gabe.