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  1. Hi @melany_corchado, Welcome to the forums. If your lines have got pressure or an alignment option other than Centre, they will be expanded. Can you please attach the .afdesign file so we can have a look? Thanks, Gabe.
  2. Hi @mutton44, Can you please try this? Close Designer. Navigate to %AppData%\Affinity\Designer\ and rename 1.0 to 1.0.backup. Restart publisher and see if you can replicate it. Thanks, Gabe.
  3. Hi @Adrenochrom, Try to create a new blank document, save it and then close it. This should clear all the cached files. Thanks, Gabe.
  4. Hi @JoeFe93, Welcome to the forums. We are aware of this has already been logged with our developers. However, this should not happen too often. Can you confirm if this is the case? Can you replicate it ? Thanks, Gabe.
  5. GabrielM

    Apple pencil odd line

    Hi @mshustov, Can you replicate this in pixel persona? If so, please save the document and attach it here. Thanks, Gabe.
  6. I see, but it's really difficult to investigate one-off issues, that not even you can replicate. Sorry.
  7. You can clearly see it's offset: The offset amount would really depend on how you've used the perspective filter. If you want just a perspective filter and you don't modify it, it will work. The problem is when you modify the perspective.
  8. We've tested it and the behaviour is consistent. With the Perspective live filter on, most brush tools will be offset. We've logged this with our developers ( in Sept 2018, as you can see in the post I've linked previously) and they closed is as "by design" : If you wish, you can post this in our feature requests section: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/55-suggestions-for-affinity-photo-on-desktop/
  9. GabrielM

    Bug when trying to scroll through layers.

    Hi @Techtech, Welcome to the forums. Any chance you can upload the file here so we can check it? https://www.dropbox.com/request/4t1ygvIUkKVYnnsa8X51 Thanks, Gabe.
  10. Hi @derei, Because this is a Live Filter, the brush still works in the original coordinates and will most likely be out of place. You would need to merge the live filter before doing any brushwork. This might be the reason why your inpainting brush was offset. This has already been discussed here: I will close this issue as "by design". Thanks, Gabe.
  11. I agree, but currently we do not have any "snapshot" feature in place
  12. Hi @Dog2puppy, Welcome to the forums. We do not have any HTML integration. If you design any UI, you would have to export them ( Raster or vector ). Thanks, Gabe.,
  13. GabrielM

    hint line

    Hi @paulgerhard, Welcome to the forums. The hint line should be on by default, as it cannot be disabled. Have you definitely got the app maximised? Thanks, Gabe.