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  1. My very first colourization in Affinity. Mainly done on Colour Balance Adjustment and Masks. Open to suggestions/improvements
  2. Hi gerfoto, Welcome to the forum. You can simply choose the Move Tool(V) (after you placed/pasted the image) and resize it using the handles or the transform values in the bottom right corner.
  3. Hi sprite~1, The anti-alias cannot be disabled, however, this should not create any issues with small images. Can you please attach the .afdesign file so we can have a look? Thanks, Gabe.
  4. Hi JonahTheScientist, Welcome to the forum. Both Affinity Designer and Photo are 2D apps, with no support for 3 axis rotation. You can "fake" the rotation by using the perspective tool but you won't have any control over the rotation angle. Thanks, Gabe.
  5. Hi Etu, Welcome to the forums. We fully support Canon 700D. The proper way of importing RAW would be File>Import or Drag-Drop from Finder. Drag-drop from Photos app would only load the jpeg preview. Can you please upload a raw file to our Dropbox Account so we can have a look? Thanks, Gabe.
  6. Hi Poissonish, Welcome to the forums. This is currently a known issue and it's been raised to our Dev team already. In the meantime, there is a workaround for it. You will have to delete the Affinity Photo folder from your Icloud ( Make sure you saved all the content from the folder - if needed ) and recreate it with the same name, from Finder or your file explorer. This should allow you to save it to the same folder while keeping the history. Update: I've just heard back from the Dev team. It's an issue with IOS and not something that we would be able to fix. Hopefully, Apple would resolve this at some point. Thanks, Gabriel.
  7. Hi honeyappa, Welcome to the forums. The colour picker has got an "auto apply" toggle. With that off, the colour picker would just store it in the top right colour swatch in colour studio. If you want to apply this to the brush, you would have to tap on it. However, if you turn the "Auto-apply" on, as soon as you pick a colour it would make it as default for the foreground colour. As for the gestures, at the moment we do not support the tap-to-undo gestures. At the moment, the 2-finger-tap would open up a dialogue, and you can undo from there.