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  1. Hi @Jamsog, Welcome to the forums. Can you attach your illustrator file? Thanks, Gabe.
  2. Hi @PaulC, Can you please attach the .afdesign file in question? Thanks, Gabe.
  3. GabrielM

    Jpg exported as 6400px

    Hi @Nilla's Photography, As Alfred mentioned, DPI is irrelevant when you're using pixels. DPI is linked with the print size, and not with the pixel size. If all they ask you is a 300dpi image, that's wrong. You need to know the print dimensions to work out the "dpi". For example, if your image is 1000x1000px, Printed at 300DPI would only result in a 3x3inch image, regardless of the metadata DPI value of that image. Have a look here to understand what's going on: https://www.pixelcalculator.com/index.php?round=&FORM=3&DP=1&FA=&lang=en&pix1=1000&pix2=1000&dpi2=300&sub2=+calculate+#a2 Thanks, Gabe.
  4. Hi @Michal Stadnicki Welcome to the forums. The lines you see are caused by anti-alias. When you resize your document to 4000px on the long edge, it does not have integer values for position/size. If you want to get rid of the gaps, you would need to manually adjust the size to match integer numbers. Thanks, Gabe.
  5. Hi @Sawdusty,. Thanks for reporting this. We are aware of this, but it should be fixed in the next iPad release. Thanks, Gabe.
  6. GabrielM

    Cannot Record Export Item

    Hi @Nevada, Welcome to the forums. When you record macros, you have limited functionality - Export is one of the limitations. Save your macro before you export. When you need to use it, just apply the macro and perform a manual export. Thanks, Gabe.
  7. GabrielM

    Copying between Keynote and Designer

    Hi @Anthony Carruthers, Welcome to the forums. It seems fine on my end: Screen Recording 2019-03-18 at 14.02.08.mp4
  8. GabrielM

    Error in documentation

    Thanks for reporting this. I have logged it with our developers.
  9. Hi both, We are aware of this and it has already been logged with our developers. Thanks, Gabe.
  10. GabrielM


    See attached: Screen Recording 2019-03-18 at 12.53.34.mp4
  11. GabrielM

    Symbols broken – Reproducible crashes

    Hi @Aloof, Did you check our beta? We have re-written most of the 1.7 tools/features. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/15-designer-beta-on-mac/ However, you have not given an exact scenario or steps to replicate the crashes so it's hard to say what's wrong... Thanks, Gabe.
  12. Hi @DFPete, We do not have this lens combination in our supported lens correction list. Have you tried to swtitch the RAW engine in Develop Assistant to Apple RAW ? Do they support this?
  13. Hi @dmstraker, I have logged this with our developers as an improvement Thanks, Gabe.
  14. GabrielM


    It seems to be something between the Photos - Affinity Photo link. If you click on "edit" in Photos in the top right corner > More (...) > Edit in Affinity Photo, than Save, it saves the file regardless of how fast/slow you close it after you pressed Save.
  15. GabrielM

    moving shapes/curves with a stylus

    Hi @s.newman2187 Welcome to the forums. You say stylus, then Bamboo stylus. What is the stylus model? Can you replicate this on a new document? Thanks, Gabe.