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Affinity Designer Customer Beta ( RC1)

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Purpose: Improvements, Features, Fixes

Status: Release Candidate

Requirements: Purchased Affinity Designer

Mac App Store: Not submitted

Download: https://s3.amazonaws...stomer Beta.dmg


To use this beta, simply download the file from the link given above and double-click on the file to open the installer. Follow the instructions to install the beta version. The beta sits alongside the Mac App Store version and will not interfere with it.


This beta is another small update to the previous one as our public-facing efforts are currently concentrated on the impending release of Affinity Photo and making sure that Affinity Designer works alongside it smoothly.



Improvements, Features, Fixes


- Fix for stability issues experienced on OS X Lion and Mountain Lion.

- Attempted to fix crash on Export - caused when Japanese system language is enabled (even as a secondary language) and attempting to overwrite an existing file (yes, it really is that odd).

- Improved PSD import and export, including PSB format import.

- Blend ranges can now be specified per-channel.

- File->Export dialog now remembers the user's last settings when you enter it again.

- Vector export improvements, particularly relating to changes in colour space.

- Added support for a number of Lab blend modes.

- Fix for objects being exported at half their intended size on occasions.

- Print dialog changes.

- Numerous bug fixes and stability improvements.

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Waking up to a fresh AD beta is always a great start of the day! 


I have a question which has probably been asked and answered numerous times but I couldn't for the life of me find an answer for myself. So I want to backup my AD settings and maybe share those with a fellow designer. This would come especially handy when syncing settings between different machines. I'm talking about custom tools and toolbar settings, panel arrangements, snapping options, etc. Is there a way to export those or if not where are they stored on disk? Thanks!


Also... How about when having the "shift" key pressed for example the corner tool constrains pixel values to whole pixels?


Other than that... We're using Affinity as a full time replacement for Illustrator now. I sort of miss some things once in a while, but then I remind myself that from now on it can only get better.



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A little thing …


Today I exported a JPEG image from Designer, and in order to prevent saving over the file, I locked it through the Info panel in Finder. Now, somewhat later … foolish me … I exported over the very same file, going through the usual dialogues in Designer. My first thought was “what have I done?” … fortunately I found the file unchanged. Phew. But shouldn’t there be a special warning in Designer when a user like me makes the attempt to save or export over a locked file?


As I said, a little thing …  :)

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- Attempted to fix crash on Export - caused when Japanese system language is enabled (even as a secondary language) and attempting to overwrite an existing file (yes, it really is that odd).



Hahaha! This will be for me  :D 


You'll be very glad to hear that the "attempt" is doing a very good job at fixing my export crash - I have tried overwriting files in many different ways and different complexities etc. and haven't had it crash once yet - thanks so much!  :D No wonder you were having difficulty in reproducing it. As a programmer myself, I'm fascinated: does it only occur with Japanese? What about German, French etc.? Other Asian languages like Chinese or Korean? Can you give any more details about what was actually crashing?


In any case, I'm really glad that I was able to play some small part in making AD that much more stable - it's a really great piece of software and the development team's enthusiasm and relationship with the community really stands out. Keep it up!


Now to find another obscure and nigh-impossible-to-reproduce crash...  :P  

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Now to find another obscure and nigh-impossible-to-reproduce crash...  :P  



... and here it is   ;)


I have mentioned it before in previous betas but I do sometimes get a crash when creating a new document. I can't produce it on demand, but it happened twice today. I'm not sure if it's relevant, but I'm usually in fullscreen mode (hardware OpenGL using discrete GPU), push CMD-N, make a couple of changes (width, height etc.) and click the OK button and then it crashes before it has a chance to show the document (sometimes this will be delayed for 5-10 seconds and shows the beachball before crashing).


See attached crash reports (descriptions in file names)

Crash on Document creation (Fullscreen - changed width and height doc didnt show up - beachball after a few seconds).txt

Crash on document creation 2 (changed margin sizes) Crashed almost immediately before document showed up.txt

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Crikey, Gary - that took you 9 minutes between posting! :(  That one is much more understandable and I can look at fixing it - a few other people have experienced it too... can I ask you if you're likely to adopt El Capitan when it is released? I'm looking at rewriting our OpenGL in Metal so that we can make best use of available processing power - and this bug would disappear at that point... :)


I'm really glad the export crash has finally been resolved for you - sorry it took us such a long time to find! We know how we've fixed it, but it's such a random and obscure thing that we don't know why our fix cures it! It was to do with the menus doing something peculiar for Japanese at an inopportune moment - but we don't know if it would happen with other languages either... Lets just say it's all working now and move on ;)


Thanks again,


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I almost forgot to report what I assume is a bug:


I can't seem to deselect things anymore. If I create a new document and put a few shapes in and select one, pushing CMD-D has no effect. The corresponding menu item is always in an disabled state so I can't click it. The only way of deselecting is to click in some white space.

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Thanks for the info. The current MAS version uses cmd+D for vector deselections so I just learned to use it that way. I'll just have to get used to using esc instead :)


From a UI usability/consistency viewpoint, though, why is there a need for two separate deselection shortcuts? One of the plusses of AD is using both pixel and vector in the same document. The desired end result is to have nothing selected so, for the user, why should it matter whether the current selection is pixel or vector?

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I keep getting a crash in the latest RC of AD. It's crashing on me when scaling a bitmap fill, I've attached the crash log.



Any chance you could attach a file showing the crash problem please.

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