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  1. I'm putting this in bugs because I've seen this described as the way Affinity is supposed to work: that when I hold down Shift while dragging, the bezier curve handles will supposedly snap to vertical, horizontal, and maybe 45 degree angles. What happens in the latest beta (as of June 20 2015) is that it just snaps to the angle it started at and/or to an angle pointing to another curve on the shape (depending on what snapping options are selected), but NOT to perfectly horizontal/vertical orientations. So if you're starting from a non-horizontal angle with a curve handle, you're screwed and you can't get it back to horizontal.
  2. Definitely see if you can round up a macbook air to see what I'm seeing. I wouldn't be surprised if it's some stupid color profile thing - color profiles are the worst idea since Windows Vista. But it's also weird that on my Macbook Air, gradients from Affinity are consistently worse than gradients from Photoshop.
  3. I should note that it's more visible on my MBA than on the external monitor.
  4. Definitely try viewing downloaded and opening with Preview or the spacebar quicklook thing, and try on a macbook air if you can. You know, it might be a color profile thing.
  5. I can see the banding both on my Macbook air and on an external Gateway monitor run from the MBA. I'll see what I can do to make this more visible - I've had results that were much more apparent in their banding than this one. Thanks!
  6. In fact, I think it looks better in the editor than it does on png export, weirdly.
  7. Hi, great job on so many aspects of this app. One thing I've noticed though is that gradient dithering is not that great, especially compared with how Photoshop does. Not sure how tough it is or how much time you've spent on your algorithm, but it seems like something that is pretty important to get looking good, especially when Photoshop's gradient dithering is visibly better. Attached are two images using the same gradients, one from Affinity and one from Photoshop. On other gradients it's more visible than it is here, but you can clearly still see banding (with dithering) in the Affinity file, while the Photoshop file looks much smoother by comparison. I do have the "dither gradients" option selected, though that appears to only be for in-editor performance and presumably they're all dithered on export. You may need to download these so that you can flip between one and the other in-place to see the difference more easily.
  8. When I go to rasterize a layer, if there are elements outside the document boundaries, they get clipped and are not included in the new rasterized pixel layer. It would be great to have an option to include things outside the document bounds. In fact I seem to recall there being some option that sounded like it would do that before, but I don't think it ever worked.
  9. Say I open a file named "Original.afdesign", and then I choose Save As and name it "Modified.afdesign", the file name at the top of the application window still shows "Original.afdesign" as my current document, when actually it should be "Modified.afdesign". Using beta
  10. Any news on this? This is essential for designing when mixing raster and vector graphics.
  11. Hi, I used to be able to use text in a compound shape to subtract the text out of the shape. As of the release version of Designer 1.2, this is borked and only works on the first letter of the text. Screens included to show what happens when I try to subtract text from a shape. Before the boolean/compound operation: After the boolean/compound operation:
  12. What about when this doesn't work? There are lots of times when I have an object I want to be a snapping candidate and it simply does not highlight and become a snapping candidate when I mouse over it. Some items work, others don't. Very buggy, would like to be able to explicity choose a snapping candidate for when the hover detection fails (which in my experience is often).
  13. +1. This is one of the few remaining things that keep me going back to Photoshop.
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