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  1. Hi Affinity Designer fans, As you start winding down for the weekend, I thought you might like to know about two new videos which have just been released: • Grids: Coloured Lines (1.5) (New, 18 Nov) • Film Noir Style Illustration (New, 18 Nov) As with all the tutorial videos, although they were shot using the Mac version of Designer, you can, of course, complete them all using the newly released Windows version too! Best wishes.
  2. @Daniele Apologies again but I'm still confused at this later issue. Having looked at your file, I can see little difference to what you can see on the video at 4:00. The only differences I can see is that somehow the Knot layer has been placed below the Border layer and the Knot layer is very slightly elliptical now (82.5x82.3mm) rather than a perfect circle. Neither of these issues should result in preventing the completion of the tutorial. Also to note, I have added subtitles to this video, if they help in any way. Thanks.
  3. We've released four new videos this week which we hope you find useful: • Artboards: Design Aids (New, 3 Nov) • Colour Picker Tool (1.5) (New, 3 Nov) • Selecting, Finding and Isolating Objects (New, 31 Oct) • Exporting User Settings and Keyboard Shortcuts (New, 31 Oct)
  4. To complement Leigh's fantastic run down of the Clear User Data panel, we have released a video (complete with subtitles) which discusses the ways you can export your user settings from within the Affinity apps, Exporting User Settings and Keyboard Shortcuts. Hope this helps.
  5. @Daniele I've added a 'to check' list on the vimeo comments which might help you (and other users), but please get back to us here or on the video if they don't help. Thanks.
  6. @bendito33 To activate the constraints applied to an asset, you need to drag the asset onto the artboard or page with the cmd key (on a Mac) or ctrl key (on Windows) pressed down. Thanks.
  7. @safoster71 As MEB has mentioned above. This is explained in more detail in this video. Thanks.
  8. @Alfred, @peter Perhaps someone with more knowledge of will correct me, but I believe their database includes any book registered with Nielsen, i.e. any book which has an ISBN, regardless of whether they actually have any copies in their warehouse or are actually considering selling it. Thanks.
  9. @Titus Tears The tutorial videos have always been hosted on Vimeo. The tutorials page on the Affinity website included a feed which displayed these videos. Unfortunately, about one week ago, we began experiencing issues with the feed not displaying videos on the Affinity website correctly. This meant a maximum of three videos displayed. In an effort to ensure everyone could still access all the videos, we have temporarily redirected everyone directly to Vimeo. A solution is being implemented to give us more control over the display of videos on the website and you a better browsing experience. Thanks. EDIT: Thanks to MEB for his explanation above too.
  10. @Sunset All you should need to do is type the url starting "" given at the start of the chapter into your favourite internet browser and it should automatically download the resources for you. If you have any issues with this, please let us know. Thanks.
  11. Happy Friday, Affinity Designer fans. For the weekend, we've released some new and updated videos: • Exporting: Transparent and Coloured Backgrounds (1.5) (New, 19 Oct) • Snapping and Dynamic Guides (1.5) (New, 21 Oct) • Snapping: Candidates (1.5) (New, 21 Oct) • Snapping: Object Creation (1.5) (Updated, 21 Oct) • Snapping: UI and Web Design (1.5) (Updated, 21 Oct)
  12. @Pixelian This sounds as if you might be targeting the incorrect areas of the Layers panel sometimes. The video, Affinity Designer - Layers Panel Drop Zones, covers this specifically. Hope that helps. Thanks.
  13. @leongre Would the Snapshots panel be an answer to this? Snapshots can be used as 'Save Points' which you can return to at any point. The panel can be displayed from the View menu (Studio submenu). The Help provides more details on the Snapshots and the panel. Thanks.
  14. @Daniele Salvatore We aim to make the videos as accurate as possible, but obviously the tutorial you are speaking about is not clear enough. Please could you let me know which video in particular is causing issues and at what point the video seems to become inconsistent with your own project. This will help me identify the issue and resolve it as quickly as possible. Many thanks.
  15. @BatteriesInc Yes, the list on this forum thread is kept up-to-date with new and updated videos marked up in parenthesis. The latest videos discuss some of the new 1.5 features with more to come over the next few weeks. The new videos also appear on the Affinity website. Please note that these videos only list those which have been produced by the documentation team. Those produced by Ash and the marketing team are not listed here, but are available via our vimeo channel. Thanks.