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  1. Thanks for the reply, and the welcome! I'm looking forward to both Designer and Photo maturing. Even though I am not a power-user I do hope several of the things PShop and Illustrator can do will be added before too long.
  2. Actually I have just tried again and seem to have more success when I use the File-Open command within AD rather than selecting a file by using Finder then Open Using... 5 mins later: looks like I spoke too soon, next EPS I open from inside AD does the select a square routine again. :-(
  3. Hi I have problems opening EPS files as well. I have had to revert to opening in Illustrator CS5 because the file is incredibly pixelated or the selection tool does not select a path, it selects a square to crop. Am I missing something obvious?
  4. I also am increasingly using PSD mockups for logos, brochures etc. Being able to simply drop a logo and have it viewable with ready-made perspective adjustments save a ton of time. Can AD do this? This thread doesn't seem to have been visited by anyone from Affinity yet.
  5. As a Sigma DP2m and DP3M owner I would be over the moon if I could work with Sigma's RAW format without having to always use Sigma's own software. :)
  6. Well, I've just taken the plunge and bought both programs. I'm not a heavy Photoshop user but I have enjoyed using Lightroom, my main program has been InDesign so I am looking forward to your alternative to that. I used to use a Serif DTP program many years ago so it's nice to see you back in the market. Cheers, Ian.
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