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  1. See attached video, issue is happening on Designer 1.3.2. I've reproduced it on both my Macbook Pro running Yosemite 10.10.4 and my (I know not supported yet) iMac running El Capitan Public beta 2. Fill and stroke on Swatches palette resets to black and none. Colors don't swap on text element. color-swap-text.mov
  2. Crad, Thanks for the workaround tip! Awesome, thanks for logging it.
  3. Tested it on my iMac when I got home, same thing.
  4. In the latest App Store version, Designer crashes every time I try and use the Transparency tool on a bitmap. I've attached my crash log. crash-log.rtf
  5. celliott80

    New Branding for Affinity

    I have to say when I first saw them (gut feeling), I instantly loved them. Then once I saw the process graphics at the bottom of the article, I started to like the step before the gradient was introduced. However the more and more I looked at them, I really think the final versions they are great! Much better than the original icons in my opinion. The new ones feel more modern and similar with what Adobe does. As much as I dislike Adobe now, I still do like their use of color in there app branding. I think they'll look really nice sitting on my Mac's Dock. :)
  6. Cool, makes sense. Too many years of using Illustrator. :) Designer is shaping up to be something special, looking forward to its App Store release tomorrow. Appreciate the quick response!
  7. When drawing with the Pen Tool, I can't adjust the handles on that node unless I add a second node. i.e. Pressing CMD doesn't change the cursor. I'm on build 1.0.19204