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[Implemented] Data merge

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This Data merge implementation is awesome news!

I'm unsure this is the right place to post about this (if not, please correct me! :).

I started playing with AP Beta and it seems to be working fine. It seems all the rows of my xlsx file are not recognized: is there a known limitation to the amount of read rows? Or does something needs to be done in the spreadsheet (formatting, file format...)?

Thanks for your help and have a nice day!

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3 hours ago, leminilab said:

Is it the proper place to discuss this issue or is there a dedicated Beta version sub-forum?

Hello @leminilab,

you find forums to report bugs there:



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On 8/30/2018 at 1:10 PM, Patrick Connor said:


Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums and thank you for your contribution to the Affinity Publisher suggestions.


On 8/31/2018 at 5:21 PM, Patrick Connor said:

@gregoiredierendonck, @Sponka, @debiant, @Josh Mills, @lights95 , @BoloGauranga, @TomJG  @am2008, @J. One, @ilocho and anyone else I have missed (sorry)

Welcome to the Serif Affinity forums :)

I have pinned this popular post to the top of the forum for others to find more easily. I cannot say if this will be implemented anytime soon, but clearly it would be desirable to you and others.

What is the way to integrate images?

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  • Staff
19 minutes ago, polochon said:

What is the way to integrate images?

There is some documentation in the 1.9.0.help already, and the next beta build due soon, has more help on this topic. Questions on functionality are probably best placed in the relevant beta forum, rather than this longstanding feature request

Patrick Connor
Serif Europe Ltd

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2 hours ago, polochon said:

Before the data merge I inserted a mark. After the merge a full index will appear in the left studio, but when I click "Insert an index" I only get the name of my section and the total range of pages ...  How to ?

As Patrick mentioned above, you should start a new topic in the appropriate Publisher Beta forum for your OS to ask your questions about using data merge.

-- Walt
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  • 3 weeks later...

  Love this new feature - now its exactly as I wished to have it in 1.0.

Is it planned to build some basic if/then rules? Like    

If "field 1" is not empty, then insert char ", "+"field 1".


Regards, Martin

iMac 27", 2017/Big Sur 11.2.2
MacMini M1/BigSur 11.2.2

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  • 1 month later...

Keyboard is not immediately active after inserting a field.

Doubleclicking on a filed (in the Fields pane) inserts that filed. But keyboard is not immediately active so in order to insert a character (space, return, ..) one has to point and click in the text frame to start typing. It would be nice to have the keyboard ready immediately after a field was inserted.

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17 hours ago, Valencia said:

Affinity Publisher Beta Data Merge is RIDICULOUSLY good!! I've been waiting for years for this, but I'm shocked, even the beta is snappier and better than what I remember working with data sets in Adobe. You guys deserve every award!! 🔥🏆

I appreciate that comment. As we always want more and improved features, it is refreshing to consider the positive advancements that are being made along the way.

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THANK YOU for data merge.

I was just checking it out and it works and its easy and it's amazing.

One last feature to make it perfect for me is probably a bit hard to implement because of the way it works in publisher. I was using Photoshop variable replacements to create .psd files. There I was able to have one field in my csv for the filename. When I export my files in publisher i get numbered files and it's hard to find the right file.


(I am using this in a broadcast environment to create on-air design like lower thirds sometimes for hundreds of people. Good to have the persons name in the filename to quickly find what i am looking for)

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Kudos! Amazing job for the new Datamerge features.

Some little enhancements requests for an updated 1.1 version of it:

1. Add a «Text Overset Detection» report
2. Add a «missing or wrong images path» report, of better before executing the merge
3. Add the ability to use relative path for image base on the location of the sources db file. It’s actually a pain to have to edit the full path each time the a folder is moved.
4. Add a «remove blink fields» option. A must for mailing address datamerge.

... and for a 2.0 version:
1. Add various if/then condition possibilities

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