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  1. I don't think this is possible yet (correct me if I'm wrong), but I would love to be able to toggle the visibility of certain layers with the data merge feature. This is possible in Photoshop, where you could add a boolean type field in your excel sheet with "TRUE" or "FALSE", which was linked to the visibility property of a certain layer. Hope this is understandable. Would open up some nice possibilities...
  2. Yep, managed to recreate exactly this. This finallys solves the issue, thanks!
  3. Ok, thank you all, and sorry, you're right, I was referring to those buttons from the status bar. But somehow I managed to hide the status bar but show everything else: But Walt was right, after hitting TAB two times, everything went back to normal. Sorry for the fuzz and thanks!
  4. Hi, my old Publisher had two little arrows at the bottom of the "pages" panel, where I could flip through all pages in the active document. Those seem to have gone in v2. Is this on purpose?
  5. ... 🙄🤦‍♂️ You're totally right, a beamer is attached to my PC. Since it was turned off I didn't come to think of this simple solution. Thanks a lot for your wit!
  6. Hi, both strange and annoying problem: All of a sudden, I can't start the "Data Merge Manager" anymore. When clicking the menu entry under "document" nothing happens, besides the "document" menu closing. I've already re-downloaded the latest version and tried to "repair" my installation, but the problem is still there. Any clue what I could do? Cheers Christian
  7. Hi @SPaceBar Sorry for the delay, too, been out of order. Unfortunately, this is still an issue. In the meantime I did a completely different file which produces a perfect output when using DataMerge, but the preview is complete rubbish. If possible, I can send you the file, it's actually quite basic (I think).
  8. 😵... 😳😳... Damn, my bad. I'm still not used to Affinity switching tools by simply clicking the hotkey a second time, in PS I had to hit Shift additionally. Thanks for the explanation, sorry for dumb question.
  9. Hi, I've encountered a strange behaviour when using the Photo Persona within publisher. Can't reproduce the same thing whithin Affinity Photo! I add a new layer and select the brush tool with a simple black brush. I click and hold to draw a fancy house with one stroke. Fine. Works. But now: After this I want to completely cover the house with black by drawing over it again. On the same layer. So I click and hold the mouse button again an start drawing all over the area with the house. Photo Persona leaves a fine white seam that I can't draw over! Don't think it's supposed to work this way... Or is it? Cheers, Christian aka SirWillibald aff3.mp4
  10. EDIT: Sorry, wrong forum, talking about Publisher... Hi, the wonderful data merge feature seems to have a little visual problem. It's working fine, but has problems showing it. See video. In words: When switching data sets in the preview not all data merge fields change their look immediately in the document view. But when I resize the view sligthly, all fields change their content according to the chosen data set. I suppose not all instances are redrawn correctly. Again, it works fine for some fields, but nor for all. Wasn't able to figure out if there's some kind of pattern. But as I said, the feature works fine, just a visual problem. aff2.mp4
  11. You're a genius! Thanks a lot for this workaround, even though this shouldn't be needed at all... At least I can work again... Vielen Dank vom Niederrhein! 😊
  12. Another one: I accidentally double clicked on the title bar from the data merge window, causing it to maximize. Problem: I can't undo this, no resize pointer appears when hovering over the border of the window! Closing the window and re-opening it doesn't help, neither does restarting Publisher. This is kinda annoying... Cheers Christian aka SirWillibald aff.mp4
  13. Hi! When opening old psd files Publisher tells me that some fonts are missing. I get a nice list and an option ("Substitution") to replace all instances with another font of my choice (see picture). At least I think this is how it is supposed to work. But: After I chose a substitution font and hit "close" Publisher still tells me about the missing font! Even though my document view shows the new font. I have to manually replace each instance by hitting "search" in the window with all checklist problems. This works, but its a bit tedious. Am I using the feature wrong? Cheers, Christian aka SirWillibald
  14. Hey Pauls, actually I've been able to solve this just before trying out your suggestion: I simply released the table panel from the left dock and attached it again. Works perfect again! Thanks for the reply and for this great piece of software!
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