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  1. Hey Pauls, actually I've been able to solve this just before trying out your suggestion: I simply released the table panel from the left dock and attached it again. Works perfect again! Thanks for the reply and for this great piece of software!
  2. Hi, sorry for the somewhat bad title, it's actually a bit hard to describe. I work a lot with tables and therefore I've docked the "Table" and "Table Format" studio panel on the left side of my screen to get quick access and to have enough room in the panel to show multiple things at the same time. However, Affinity Publisher refuses to actually use the space that's there, but instead shows a scroll bar, which is kinda annoying. I've attached a quick video to illustrate what I mean. If this is not a bug and rather a feature, sorry, but then I fail to see the advantage... All the best, Christian 14.03.2021_14.29.01_REC.mp4
  3. In addition to my first posting, I found this. It doesn't stop data merge from working as intended, but it looks quite awful. If the field names don't fit into the table cell, the same overflow issue happens, visible when toggling the preview box : 13.02.2021_22.33.07_REC.mp4
  4. I just used Publisher's Data Merge feature to change the content of a table. I've encountered a problem that happens, when the text from my data source exceeds the cell size. Publisher puts the rest of the text into a new cell and pushes all following cells one cell down (including the formating). I've made a little screen capture, that hopefully illustrates what I mean. ' Cheers, Christian aka SirWillibald 13.02.2021_18.16.32_REC.mp4
  5. Yes, you're right, but that's not enough. I need different and easily recognizable names for each exported page. Photoshop handles this by using a field from my data source, which is very comfortable. BTW, there's at least one other user, who's looking for something like this, as well:
  6. Hi, I'm totally blown away by the new data merge feature, it's really awesome already! There's one thing that I am used to by using Photoshop's (somewhat awkward) data merge feature: After creating the merged document, I need to save all pages separately as PNG files. It would be so helpful if Publisher offered a way to assign file names based on a specific field from the data merge. Would something like this be possible? Cheers, Christian aka SirWillibald
  7. Hi everybody, let me start by saying I love, love, love the new data merge feature from Publisher. I've almost managed to migrate my complete workflow from Photoshop to Affinity! Right now there's one critical issue left for me: I have created a new publisher document by using the data merge export. The product looks fine so far, but I need every single page to be exported to a PNG file with transparent background. The export tool automatically creates separate pages, great, but I'm unable to get a transparent background. When placing the png into a new Affinity Photo document with colored background, the export png has a white background with the size of the original Publisher document. Is there a way to achieve this? This would possibly allow me to cancel my Adobe subscription completely... Cheers, Christian aka SirWillibald
  8. Hi @Dan C, yeah, I've found a bug! Very glad to hear it's seemingly not my fault... Regarding the borders, the issue is really hard to describe, perhaps my words were chosen poorly, I'll have a go again and see if I can come up with something more useful!
  9. Hi there, I'm using Affinity Publisher for more and more things and I think it's already really great. But a few things are still annoying. I wanted to create a huge time table for family member's video conferences (we desperately need this at the moment...). I came up with a big table, every second line highlighted in grey (took me a while to figure out how table formats worked, but got it). Then I've started to highlight different (partially merged) cells with 2pt borders in different colors. Turns out, this is annoying. It's kinda hard to describe, but the "Stroke and Fill" property window doesn't really work very intuitive: - Each feature has to be selected very specifically, for example, simply clicking the box frame and then a solid line produces very different results, seemingly depending on what the cell looked like before. - Choosing a specific color doesn't allow to choose a recently used color, this part of the window always shows black, grey and white - ... Is there a way to improve this behaviour? If desired, I can try to illustrate this with a little screen video. Cheers, Christian aka SirWillibald
  10. Hey, me again, just curious if there's any progress on the matter, AD still prints my lines wrong:
  11. Hmm... Already tried that, you're more than right. The result is OK, but very time consuming if you have multiple lines like I have. OK, where "nag the devs to death"?
  12. Yes, thanks for the visual help with my feeble try to explain to Illustrator way. That's exactly what I meant. I just don't have access to Illustrator any more. Will give the phase function a try, thank you!
  13. Hi, been using Designer for quite some time now and couldn't be happier that I left Adobe Illustrator behind. However, I have a minor problem and I can't find a solution in AD for this. A picture says a thousand words. In Illustrator, there was an option to have each dashed/dotted line be drawn the same way at the start and end point (don't know, what it was called, hope you understand what I mean). I've tried to recreate this behaviour in AD, but I can't find a solution, the joints always look somewhat messy. I know, it's a minor and mostly cosmetical problem, but it bugs me... All lines in the picture are seperate, joining them doesn't help, obviously.
  14. Thanks for the hint, that helped, even though I had to restart my computer. But now it works!
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