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  1. Hi, I couldn't find it on the first search page so I wonder if there's an existing request for this feature. I think it shouldn't be too high on the priority list but it sure is a nice workflow to be able to apply fill and/or stroke to a text frame. Anyone supporting this?
  2. Is there a way to follow this thread (or any other thread) other than the "Notify me of replies" button from the new reply form?
  3. +1 I must say Publisher with no data merge function wouldn't make sense for me.
  4. Hi, I must first thank you for the incredible amount of work and dedication you put in developing this series of products: I'm very excited at the alternative you're offering to industry standard mammoths. I wonder if there's a text import/linking feature available or in the makings for Publisher? Something similar to the data merge option that can be found in (sorry to mention it...) industry standards mammoths? :D Nicolas
  5. Hi, I wonder if this feature is implemented yet or if it made it to the roadmap? Thanks Nicolas
  6. Hi, I wonder if this feature has made it to Affinity Photo's roadmap? Thanks a lot! Nicolas
  7. Hey! Thank you very much for the precious shortcut! ;p It seems like any answer automatically leads to more questions though... :) Is there a shortcut to only show one specific layer (ALT+LMB in Photoshop)? I find my selections with the wand are very jagged as if no antialiasing was applied: is antialiasing an option with the wand? Anyway, thank you very much for your previous answers: some of my initial frustrations vanished and I re-opened Affinity!
  8. Hi, Thanks for pointing me to the appropriate forum section! Nicolas
  9. Hi, I'm really excited to join the Affinity community! I''ve been a Photoshop user for quite some time and have developed some habits I'd like to replicate in Affinity if possible. I've listed some of them below. Hopefully it's not too overwhelming... - I like the ALT+RMB shortcut so resize the brush in PS (left/right) AND adjust the pressure (up/down). Can it be setup in the preferences? - I can't seem to find a file size in the export Persona: did I miss it? I like the CTRL+Z unlimited undo: is it really unlimited or is there a max number of undo steps? That would be all for now I guess! Thanks a lot for reading until now! Have a nice day! Nicolas
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