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  1. Files are uploaded -- smaller JPG for preview and larger TIFF that I can't open. Both files are "original" as I received and were not modified from my side. Bests, b.
  2. After you asked I installed latest AP beta, unfortunatelly it's the same -- open's empty file.
  3. Sure, here's for both programs: I made EXIF export (raw data) if any interest: https://pastebin.com/8ZJxSg0m --> Affinity Photo https://pastebin.com/LLuzFWKD --> PS CC 2015 Bests, b.
  4. Hello, I got TIF from a client and when I try to open in AP, I got blank, transparent page (doesn't matter is it drag&drop, open from dialog inside app or via "open with"). TIF is around 241 Mb, 4724 x 6677 px @ 200 DPI CMYK and can be opened in Photoshop CC 2015. Using AP on windows 10 x64, 1809, screenshot attached. I can send this photo on request, but can't publish original scan on forum. Since I own also Designer ( and am testing Publisher beta (, I tryed that, too ... Both programs open blank rectangle: TI
  5. Hello, one more vote for "data merge" tool like in InDesign. I use this function mostly for designing business cards and small catalogs, labels for boxes etc ... Everything, that have same desing and elements, that change always on same places and can be read frome some kind of database.
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